20 Dem Candidates Head To Florida For First Debate | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

20 Dem Candidates Head To Florida For First Debate | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC
20 Dem Candidates Head To Florida For First Debate | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC
Can we begin here on Wednesday, everyone in the Democratic party and Beyond getting ready for something that we know will happen? Millions of viewers will, for the first time, really assess a democratic field which is really historic and a lot of measurable way. It has the oldest candidate ever Bernie and 77 in the youngest at 37, Six Women candidates, the party and the first openly gay candidate to run in the presidential race May repeat. The only two at least 20 candidates have gone vice presidential campaign debate. Before think about that, only Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders arrest are taking a rookie turn at a high stakes. Challenges almost have debated, at least it’s some lower-level, the politics office. I want to be a strong public Advocate who can stand up to the mayor in our business and no better time to be. I’Ve been very proud to represent 4 month ideas on, like Warren de Blasio, Harris Buddha Jade to all the local debates. That would seem like a disadvantage, but if we learned anything last cycle did we learn that many voters are sick of traditional experience? The man who won the Republican nomination had no debate experience at the time, let alone experience. He certainly did show that Longshot political novices can go far, something that may be on the minds of several of these last famous, let’s debate experienced candidates you’re about to hear from this week I’m joined by Cecile Richards for president Planned Parenthood, Federation of America and the Co-Founder of supermajority women’s political action group and someone has dealt with candidates at every level. We should know that her daughter is serving on Senator Kamala Harris his team, a whole bunch of Republican presidential campaign good evening good evening with those novices who, as we know, you can underestimate at your peril exercise in intellectual and political humility to see what happened to The debate stage: what do you think of us will let you know in Canada chances this week on the Democratic stage, you’re absolutely right, because they’re dangerous as they are very low, blues and they’re desperate to break out and get noticed. They have a moment that they can hopefully run down the table, as is very long process continued. So I think I’m night one and this will get laughter’s around the studio there in New York, but keep an eye on Fazio. He is used to the rough-and-tumble of New York City media. He can communicate and he’s extremely comfortable with Progressive politics and speaking that language in the Democratic primary and his expectations or solo. Anything is up, so I will keep an eye on him. I would keep an eye on Amy Klobuchar who’s got to do something: the starter campaign a little bit of energy, or else her fundraising is going to dry up. Even though again the motor stuff is later and finally Cory. Booker has had a pretty good week. Cuz he’s been able to engage and Biden the little jealous about night to where Kamala Harris will be the one on stage with Vice President Biden, to give him a little sensitivity, training, and then you got Elizabeth Warren gets her own night, but Bernie Biden. The biggest opponents, at least in the early polling they’re on another night, so she gets to be starving, she’ll but she’s on a thing full of people trying to get her butt playhouses. It was packed with these two nights and all that, but other years they’ve been sort of first-year second-tier night. Do you think, based on your knowledge of the ways for a Dakota to going to come in and tuning? Is it possible to folks will misperceive that one night is supposed to be bigger than the other for the reason mentioned sure, but the Super Bowl they’re going to be 12 Super Bowls, at least so everybody gets another bite at the Apple. It’S really going to be. I think the second night, the Biden versus me repeat, versus Kamala Harris versus Bernie, show that is going to track mostly attention afterward, but everybody’s got something to lose, and maybe some of the smaller candidates will find a way to get up a notch volume up to You is as well as whatever else you want to add it sure things. Well, I mean obviously historic, it’s so exciting to think that we have more people of color that have ever run for president Kennedy to look at these women candidates. I think we’re going to be there who never lost a race. They are absolutely prepared. I think we’ve seen enormous, like policies coming out of everything and the critical voters in the Democratic Primary in the general election or Women Voters and women of color. I was just looking at the recent poll from the hill, which said it’s: 62 % of women are not inclined to vote for president again CDs candidates, what they do when this primary is going to be critical. That’S where all the energy is right now and I’m I don’t know, I’ve been so impressed. I just hope we see moderators ask the women and the men the same kinds of questions to go. What issues on the minds of Women Voters, economic inequality, equal pay, lack of, affordable childcare, lack of affordable healthcare? I hope that they asked all those questions. Well, in the end, as you went to that you know, Joe Biden has been running into crosscurrents that are partly about his extensive experience, which often can be a negative in presidential politics and also about a two sets of dishes. You just alluded to women’s issues as well as civil rights, I’ll take Alyssa talking about an issue you worked on, which is how the federal government has limited in healthcare that relates to abortion Services. Specifically, the quote on quote Hyde Amendment. Take a look make sure women still had access. You can’t have access if in fact, everyone’s covered by federal policy, and so that’s why I had the same time. I announced that policy. I announced that I can no longer continue to by the Hyde Amendment I’d like to briefly review on the policy claim there and then be the politics which is you don’t have to be a political expert to hear someone saying their announcing policy. He changes position Under Pressure this until you have to win. I’M and women are deeply concerned about what’s happening with abortion rights in this country. We see Alabama Missouri Georgia, you could go down the list and so where a candidate stands on access to safe and legal abortion, a right that would have had for more than 40 years is absolutely essential, along with all the access to Affordable Health Care, which, I Think again, it was a critical issue. In 2018, it’s going to be a defining issue in 2020 and stumble it’s a problem Biden’s always going to have because he’s been fighting the good fight in the Democratic party for for decades, and the definition of the good fight has changed over time. So we can re-litigate stuff from the past and I thought he stumbled and how he handled it. There is a danger in this Democratic primary, because the short-term incentives are, they have a race among activist to pay the attention early to see who’s. The most woke group of Women Voters that are going to have a lot to do with whether Donald Trump is real problem with women. But you know one out of every six. Voters is a pro-life woman and, unlike how do you economics, very populist economics on the left, which is kind of the other side of Trump’s populism on the right and then all this identity politics. So my point is the Democrats can run quickly finish and run up. The energy, but if they don’t pull boats out of five or six hundred counties in Holt Trump down a little with your pull a grumpy old white people around so woke, they could have the same outcome where they get a bigger National vote, even bigger than the Other Ruiz win and still lose the election in the Electra College, heart and mind struggle in the party and that’s hard to do in a primary work. Everybody’S trying to win the election tomorrow, which is going to be 90 % Progressive, 60 %. How do you define woken and what’s your response to mic, they haven’t had a raise for 10 years access to affordable child care. This is the second highest cost for most families. It’S not just a woman’s issue. It’S a family issue, it’s a men’s issue as well. Visa issues that are on the American women and they they’re going to be the vast majority of Voters in this country. They are energized. They are active more than ever in in in our history and they’re, going to determine the future of this presidential election. So important important as the state of being awake or not asleep, being awake and we’ve had more people marched, resist protest, rhetorical strategies replay if you want to add anything but numbers in the general election, say it’s about more than anyone voter group and it’s about taking Votes away from Trump, not reinforcing the messages you have, it was all about that Hillary Clinton would have want we’re, not where it not where it counted. I don’t think that’s in dispute anymore, but you’re here with us, and we appreciate that
Millions of viewers are preparing to watch a historically diverse Democratic field debate on Wednesday and Thursday nights. Ari Melber and his panel discuss how health care is a defining issue in 2020, and the importance of the “woke” female voter.
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20 Dem Candidates Head To Florida For First Debate | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

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