2018 Midterms: Democrats Won the House. Here’s What’s Next. | NYT News

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2018 Midterms: Democrats Won the House. Here’s What’s Next. | NYT News
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2018 Midterms: Democrats Won the House. Here’s What’s Next. | NYT News
The Democrats have won control of the house, we want our community back, we want our country back and we want our state back in our power. Victory for our country here are some of the new faces like us, with different backgrounds. There’S never been a Native American woman. This is what happened for starters. A lot of potential Donald Trump related investigation, Democrats, take control of house committee investigations and issues subpoenas the people most likely overseen some of these committees. This is representative jerrold Nadler, since the 1990s, when he tried to block one of Trump’s real estate projects, He will open investigation into Trump the FBI and justice department. Another Trump Nemesis is representative Maxine Waters of California has despicable that any human being could do abused by the White House in federal agencies, and then there’s representative, Adam Schiff, who said he’d reopen targeted inquiry into alleged ties between Trump and Russia were unwilling to pursue. Democrats have promised to make fighting climate change of priority and Tackle gerrymandering public sentiment now. Health care costs, Franklin, Affordable Care Act and dramatically reduce the cost of prescription drugs. For now impeachment is a very divisive tax return using an obscure 100 year old president and the leadership will be up for reelection in December, but there are others who may be interested in the job and many you want her out it’s time for people to know. When to go, will you vote for Nancy Pelosi, 16th House of Representatives in on January 3rd 2019?
The Democrats took control of the House of Representatives, adding several women to their ranks. The party now has the power to investigate President Trump. Here’s how else Democrats may challenge the president.

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