2019 NFL Draft Round 1 Reaction & Analysis: Jones to Giants, Haskins to Washington & More

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2019 NFL Draft Round 1 Reaction & Analysis: Jones to Giants, Haskins to Washington & More
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2019 NFL Draft Round 1 Reaction & Analysis: Jones to Giants, Haskins to Washington & More
2019 NFL Draft Round 1 Reaction & Analysis: Jones to Giants, Haskins to Washington & More
What do we think about the top overall pick? For me, I mean this: is it was? It was everything leading up to this? So to me I wasn’t surprised when Kyler Murray was more surprised if they went with quinnen Williams or Joey Bosa Dakota talked about in recruitment. A high school they have. The same agent was just too many. Things are working together for me. I think it’s a really good fit, though, and now we’re going to talk about the other concerns I have, I think, he’s going to give them an opportunity to be competitive sooner rather than later athletic ability in the way you go to ball. Two coaches assistant that this player is going to play in and it’s somewhat familiar with athletic ability he’s 510, but in today’s NFL you play the shotgun the office. What this guy is doing so his biggest thing is, is the bodybuilder going to go hold up with the hits cuz he’s going to get hit ever since I popped a film on and watch them play, he look like Peyton and Eli on the field, and so It was the same coach cutcliffe, having kind of really brought the kid up through the through the system play the dude wasn’t surrounded by a great Supporting Cast. But when you look at this cat he’s tailor-made to be in quarterback room, I mean literally couldn’t worked out any better. The only issue that the Giants really face was they knew they loved the guy they knew Eli would have a good relationship with him. Having known him for years going to the Manning Peyton Manning Passing Academy, the only issue was: do we take him at 17 or are we going to be forced? Take him at 6 and I watched his pro day. He threw the ball as accurately and in the right spots as anyone that I’ve seen in the last 10 years I mean it was who was on the money every ball that he threw even afterwards in the interviews talking with DJ, he was saying that he put The ball in locations where he wanted to mist and locations, maybe a foot off – I mean it was pinpoint accuracy. He doesn’t have his big arms. Eli did maybe back 10 years ago, but I think the accuracy and athleticism that he has about the new offenses that are being ran, he’s going to be able to utilize that earlier. So I think it’s a it’s a good scenario for them. I almost almost knew this was going to happen just based on the connections that they had their. I think it’ll be a good situation, maybe a little high, but I think they had to do that because everyone was starting to see this guy is going to be a good player. I don’t know you said that they have had a relationship in the past. You think that will continue to do good relationship under the circumstances, because obviously, there’s been talk on his way out and always never it’s never going to be a situation where he lies excited right now, there’s a mean, there’s no way right: they they drafted a guy. That’S going to eventually replace you, it’s only a matter of time at this point, so Eli has his competitive juices he’s going to continue to work. I know he’s been working really hard season put in great works, throwing the ball really well. I expect him to have a great season this year. I think it’s going to be a good thing. I think it’s going to make me live even sharper. I think, knowing that someone is in the room, it’s eventually going to take. My job is going to really hone in what he’s doing and they’re going to build off each other meme computer. When I was in New York – and it was always a good thing about each other – we make each other better. We we fed off of it during the seasons going to be great Daniels going to have, I mean literally, the smartest guy. I’Ve ever been in a football room with he’s going to have him in the room in the meeting rooms b, a sponge just take it all in and then use that when you get your shot strong. This is the daily news cover blue who Blues Clueless and then pulling out when you need to Alvin Kamara. I don’t know what that I don’t know what that means. Don’T know what that looks like I know. Josh was a fantastic player. He looks for contact when he’s getting the football, so I mean that’s, that’s going to be Plumb recent. I talk more specific to the running back to this with that guy. But I know Derek was super excited and I know Johnny targeted this guy to be their guy early on Williams on the other, so that they’re building a foundation around there to help him improve. As he goes for it as well, you need someone you can turn on the hand the ball to you need someone to do that, so you could open up the play-action pass now. The first pick was A lot of. It was a lot of issues about that. About Cleveland, Farrell or four, are you want to say it, but I think early like right after they won the National Championship, there’s a lot of mock draft with him going in the top 10 and being one of the top guys now somewhere throughout the process, Daniel Jeremiah about this after the college football season, that’s where you going to take him anyways some people move guys up because they get out. When did when you put the tape on, he flies around he’s going to get to the quarterback and he’s part of a team. You don’t remember, those are the guys are supposed to leave last year and they all stay and they won a national championship about about him. He said he’s the leader of the Clemson football team, so that’s that’s. One of the main things is that he was. He was the guy that they look to you for direction. There’S a lot of good for defense, that’s one of the Clemson and Alabama Bishop’s about each year as well as anyone. What do you think about the pic I like the pic, I think he’s a big strong guy they’ve got to Veterans Day, he can sit and learn, and that’s probably the number one thing for him. The other thing is this: he’s going to have to learn how to be a pro, how to work and have to learn how to study and can be a positive and a negative. Yes, he he’s and he’s at home, but this will be a lot of distractions and he’s going to have to learn to manage them a lot of them and then that’s going to be. The single biggest thing is: how far is training hard I’ll be disappointed? Farmtown is there I mean all the ability is all there, but exactly what Charlie talked about you got Case Keenum he got cold and got some quarterbacks are going to be in that room and just learn from them. Watch them study how they would go about their daily routine and go emulate that and then learn how to become fresh. The starting quarterback for 1 year in college, so he’s got a he’s, got a big learning curve. The hard thing for the Redskins is there’s not going to be a lot of bright spots for the Redskins are really good player. Like he’s going to be a guy that comes out in shorts and practice, it’s going to be hard that coaching staff to say I don’t know, but this kill the field, especially if he’s able to pick up that system early and looks the way he probably will. So that’s going to be the difficult part is kind of pumping the brakes on him and kind of just hold them back. I need Steelers defense. They won Super Bowls with that. You have to go through us to get there, that’s what they need to get back to their defense hasn’t been that way. Pittsburgh has won Super Bowl when they’ve had a top-five deeper into those years without arguing number one in those year. So, Antonio Brown, but again this whole draft is going to be about building, is defense getting them back on top, get them back to being a top-notch player? And you start here with a they said, their quarterback of defense and that’s what you need Her Style and what I love about it is. It was like he doesn’t care about any of that like when you put the pads on with his play. Sideline-To-Sideline he’s going to hit you in the mouth and remember those old Pittsburgh Raven game that we saw always watching Troy, Polamalu in and read their starting to get back to that, and I think Pittsburgh really hit this one out the park feeling that particular need to Get that going and again we saw how Downer they were when they had Ryan Shazier in the middle. The way he’s able to cover tackle play sideline-to-sideline. Now you get a guy. Who can do that like that evening to go back to the top 10 Baltimore Ravens? Have the fastest White young wide receiver, Young quarterback combination in the NFL? By far because speed is this man’s game play space in the field? He’S a big-play guy.? He changes the covered, they can come down and take the quarterback. That’S why you have to go to bed now stretch the field he’s going to change your coverages to make the coverage is simply to read is going to help you running game from anyplace anytime cuz. He only tipped the scales at 166 pounds, the lightest first-rounder. We have seen since the Tavon Austin, it was small player there in Baltimore, watching the reaction. Videos 8 was not a surprise, but wrapped up that particular graphic there of the guys that went in the first Aiden and at Oliver to the bills. Rashan Gary gave us a great reaction when he was drafted by the Packers at 12 and then we’ve got here 17 through 24 and the second graders pick their Josh Jacobs, the running back Andre Dillard, the taco going to the Eagles before that. And then we had a bunch of Trades that finished up the first round, which was finished up with the Patriots, selecting n’keal Harry who who no doubt helped them on the field immediately. Maybe one of the half of your guys to come out of the first rounds. We talked to him earlier so Charley Casserly at Maurice Jones-Drew, David Carr favorite, pick of the first round who do you like they desperately needed to get that Foundation going again and they got it with Dillard by trading up Marquise Brown for me stretch the field without Run game that they’re going to run Baltimore, Lamar Jackson and what they’re with their trying to establish their it can be very explosive, especially start packing. The Box near really trying to stop that. You get this kid in the situation where safety is looking in the back building. Are you kidding me he’s going to he’s going to be fantastic and Baltimore super excited to see what they do there? I think about it. The Jazz out I had to go in there, but you get one of the best pass rushers in the draft. The phone to you to me. That’S amazing, Jacksonville win today at the junction with a great defense, is getting older. about time for him to get paid. You need to keep you need to keep adding those passwords to come. Help you out a little bit. You get one of the best ones here, guy who had 17 sacks last year, we can come in and the focus will be on him. It’Ll be on Yannick ngakoue class Campbell. He can be apart that rotation, as I get to know him really hard to get there great football players – butt – and I get that now, but it was quarterback you’re, always a little concerned right, young guys, stepping up there. But I think they’re going to be fantastic players from Boston College. I do like it, you know I just get the Shaving face, the first ability to go out and granite the Rams and the Chiefs didn’t reply back. I will say this is second-guessing, but to me this is how it this is, how you think offensive line offensive line. Howie Roseman has proven continually to be an aggressive guy to go after what he want and then maybe, like I know, can be left tackle. Sometimes you got today will make the biggest impact on day 1 year 1 NBA one on the team. I think the Detroit Lions Matt Patricia going to try to try to duplicate that here. In Detroit you get a tight end. Who can block? We can be a viable weapon, you can let him about side. He can run all the routes in the middle. He can help Stafford, be a better quarterback. What the running back they took last year from the Auburn, and so they want to get back to being a physical team, and then I think that’s will be a guy that can help day one wonder how much Matt Patricia seeing Gronk everyday in practice. You can just take those anywhere out of the football Oakland Raiders literally every down they won first second down, I mean third down he’s really cashed out of the backfield he’s going to he’s going to have some tired legs by the end of the season. Chinese movie, fantastic player, he’s going to get a lot of touches, so you ready buddy, I’m not sure. If he’s a great as far as disappointment David brought up the fact that they also drafted another offensive lineman starting to Rocky’s. Okay might be not I’m not worried about his athletic ability against the speed rushers so but you’re picking at the end of the first round it was a run-on tackles. I would have taken a Cody Ford from the University of Oklahoma, or do you want Taylor from Florida Library,
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