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Psychological thrillers are the kind of movies that anyone can enjoy. Some people don’t like horror movies or romcoms, but it’s hard to deny the anticipation and thrills that viewers get when it comes to the best psychological thriller movies. With this sub-genre, viewers get to go on an adventure that delves into the minds of heroes, villains, and even supernatural creatures. They make the audience think, and that’s why they’re so attractive.

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Because of their demand, streaming services have picked up and released many quality movies that explore psychological stories of deceit, delusion, and all-around unfathomable situations. Amazon Prime Video has a fantastic line-up of psychological thrillers to stream, and fans of this genre won’t want to miss what they have to offer to subscribers.

Updated on January 5th, 2022 by Mark Birrell: The best psychological thrillers on Amazon Prime encompass a wide range of films from various decades, featuring some of the biggest movie stars in the world. From the more horrific to the criminal underworld side of the equation, these thriller movies on Prime are all but guaranteed to give the viewer goosebumps thanks to smart scares and top-notch performances.

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Joaquin Phoenix stars in this violent and unusually intimate psychological thriller that acted as an interesting precursor to Phoenix’s Oscar-winning lead performance in Joker.

Filled with odd visual and sound design choices to place the audience into the mind of the film’s troubled main character as they delve into rescuing a young girl trapped within a dark political conspiracy involving human trafficking. Its dark sense of humor and unconventional emotionality make it an unpredictable and engaging ride.

Though it has what is possibly the most famous twist endings in the history of moviesThe Usual Suspects is still a gripping ride all the way through for those who’ve seen it a dozen times or more.

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A lot of that is down to its stellar ensemble cast and its razor-sharp dialogue from screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie. It’s a harsh movie that keeps the audience guessing right until the final frames, but the experience is hugely entertaining even in its darkest moments.

Steven Yeun stars as a mysterious figure who may be at the heart of a young woman’s disappearance in this wholly idiosyncratic psychological thriller of obsession and uncertainty from director Chang-dong Lee.

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Not necessarily a good choice for those who require direct answers to questions raised by a film’s plot, Burning is much more of a mental journey that rewards the audience’s patience with an atmosphere that’s all but guaranteed to seep under the skin and stay there for days or weeks after the credits roll.

Director David Cronenberg is most famous for his use of body horror, which is certainly an element in this enveloping psychological drama thriller, but it’s the emotions at play in Dead Ringers that make the story truly horrifying.

Jeremy Irons is spellbinding in a dual role as two identical twin gynecologists, one a confident womanizer and the other a meek neurotic, with a dark sexual game played by the two on an unsuspecting patient spiraling into chaos and dragging both of their lives down into the lowest depths of depravity.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson and John Cena star in this minimalist Iraq war movie from director Doug Liman about a soldier pinned down by an enemy sniper with only a small wall for protection.

Most of the movie revolves around the conversations between the soldier and the unseen sniper over the radio, with mind games abounding. The movie rests heavily on Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s shoulders as a result but his performance successfully sells the intensity of the situation and the brutality of the conflict.

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A psychological crime drama directed by the late Bill Paxton, Frailty focuses on the unique relationship two young boys have with their overly religious father. Bill Paxton stars as Dad Meiks and confesses to his sons that God has asked him to “destroy” demons masked as humans, but the mission must be kept a secret. The boys help him with his work while they question if their father is losing his mind.

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Years later, an older Fenton walks into the local police station and confesses a sin of his brother’s. Wesley Doyle is the FBI agent who listens to Adam’s story as he claims his brother is the “God’s Hand Killer.” As Doyle listens and goes along with Fenton’s story, he’s taken down a twisty path of reality and fantasy with the audience going along for the ride also.

Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson are electrifying in this compellingly strange story about two isolated lighthouse keepers on a tiny windswept island, their close proximity ratcheting up tensions between the two that spill over into waking nightmares.

Delving into the beleaguered minds of its main characters, The Lighthouse is full of bizarre and horrifying imagery but it’s really the performances that fuel the raging fire of each scene.

We Need To Talk About Kevin is based on the 2003 novel written by Lionel Shriver and focuses on the lives of Eva Khatchadourian and her children. Her son, Kevin, is difficult and distant. As he grows up, he starts to act out, and alarming incidents begin to happen, such as his sister Celia getting seriously injured.

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As a teenager, he commits a heinous crime, leaving his mother agonizing over her role in his development and her culpability for his crimes. Though there isn’t a resolution to his behavior, the story is always intriguing and explores often under-discussed feelings around parenthood in a bold way.

Fight Club is a darkly satirical crime thriller about a man who, weary of the soullessness of modern consumerism, begins the titular underground fighting culture which soon spirals into a terrorist ideology.

Edward Norton and Brad Pitt lead the impressive cast through a wild journey of violence and philosophical discussion that has had a huge impact on modern popular culture and even basic political discourse. Whether it’s being thought-provoking, shocking, or just downright funny, the movie is never boring.

A psychological thriller with a very small scale sci-fi twist, Coherence is a movie that shows just how much punch ultra-low-budget genre movies can still have in the age of high-concept comic book blockbusters.

The story revolves around a group of old friends meeting for dinner on the even that a comet will visibly pass overhead. Over the course of the bizarre evening, they begin to realize that the comet’s passing has resulted in an inexplicable phenomenon, opening up the fabric of their reality and casting them into a night of confusion and doubt. The improvisational nature of most scenes makes the movie a grippingly real exploration of a fascinating sci-fi idea in which the characters quite literally become their own worst enemies.

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