Wednesday May 11, 2022
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HBO Max series Peacemaker might be an official part of DCEU canon, but it definitely lives in a weird and wonderful corner of its own, a million miles away from whatever Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and the rest of the Justice League are doing.

Moments into the first episode, John Cena’s title hero uttered a cry of “f*ck Aquaman”, and last week he went on a lengthy rant about what makes Batman a p*ssy. Suffice to say, the chances of any A-list superheroes dropping by are virtually non-existent.

However, there’s a whole shared universe out there to explore should any of Peacemaker‘s ensemble end up being recruited for cameos elsewhere. That being said, you’ll be surprised to discover which comic book character star Steve Agee revealed he wanted to cross paths with, during a recent chat with We Got This Covered.

I mean, I would have said like Superman or Batman. I mean, just because I’m a big fan of theirs. But, I think when James wrote it into the script, that there was also a world where Bat-Mite exists, which I had never heard of until the show, a two-foot tall little superfan of Batman. I was like, “I kind of need to see this”. Because I’m 6’7″. So I think just the juxtaposition would be great, whether or fighting him or just driving in a car. So I’d have to say Bat-Mite.”

Agee is a big dude, to the extent it was hilarious watching him repeatedly bash tiny little Judomaster over the head with a pipe, so the prospect of seeing him interact with Bat-Mite is fascinatingly bizarre. It can’t be taken of the table after Peacemaker made the critter canon, either, so fingers crossed we get that second season to see if it becomes a reality.

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