Tuesday May 17, 2022

It has long been established that the Hulk is one of the strongest characters throughout Marvel Comics, though no amount of strength would save him if the Hulk ever tangled with Star Trek’s Enterprise. While the Hulk would have no trouble smashing the starship to bits and disposing of the mostly human crew within if he found himself in a fight against the USS Enterprise, he wouldn’t even get the chance to inflict the damage because of one key piece of technology that would render the Hulk completely powerless. 

In the Marvel Comics series Rampaging Hulk by Glenn Greenberg and Rick Leonardi, Bruce Banner tracks down his former mentor, Geoffrey Crawford, with the hope that Crawford will help him rid himself of the Hulk. As it turned out, Crawford had the perfect solution for removing the gamma radiation from Banner’s body by way of teleportation pods created by Crawford. The pods break down the user to the molecular level then reconfigures those molecules in a separate pod, effectively teleporting that person from one pod to the other. The plan was to put Banner into a pod and break down his molecular structure and remove the gamma radiation, thereby producing a Hulk-free Banner upon his arrival in the second pod. 

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This theory is well within the realm of what Star Trek’s transporters are capable of doing as fans have seen them split and merge individuals throughout Star Trek canon. Plus, Crawford’s design for teleportation pods was derived from Star Trek as said by the scientist himself in Rampaging Hulk #2. The crew on Starship Enterprise could simply target the Hulk from space and beam him up into the ship, using this specific form of teleportation technology to separate Banner and Hulk, then simply set their phasers from stun to kill and shoot the fully human Banner upon arrival. However, Star Trek’s transporters can sometimes yield unexpected results upon usage, and even the slightest miscalculation could unleash a very confused and angry Hulk on their ship. So, if splitting the Hulk from Banner isn’t possible at that moment, the Starship Enterprise could use another method to defeat the Hulk with equally as little effort. 

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If Star Trek’s Enterprise can’t use their transporter to remove the Hulk from Banner, they can still use it in an equally as effective way. Without the Hulk even being aware of what is happening, Starship Enterprise could simply target him from space and beam him into the sun. While the Hulk is immensely powerful even to cosmic standards, he would not survive a trip into the sun. 

Whether through high-concept Sci-Fi methods of breaking down Bruce Banner’s molecular structure and removing the gamma radiation from his body thereby neutralizing any threat of him becoming the Hulk, or by simply throwing him into the sun, Star Trek’s Enterprise still comes out on top. Based on the evidence present in both the Hulk’s established Marvel Comics canon and that of Star Trek, the Hulk would be totally powerless against Star Trek’s Enterprise.

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