Tuesday June 28, 2022
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Warning: this article contains spoilers for Peacemaker episode five.

Peacemaker fans are losing it after this week’s fifth episode of the HBO Max series ended on an intense cliffhanger. Titled “Monkey Dory”, the DC show’s latest chapter followed John Cena’s anti-hero and his team as they continued their investigation into Project: Butterfly, unaware that one of their own is secretly one of the possessed pod-people.

As revealed at the end of episode four, the black-ops team’s boss Clemson Murn (Chukwudi Iwuji), is actually a Butterfly — meaning he has one of the alien insects in his brain — himself. In episode five, Peacemaker sports the latest upgrade to his helmet: X-Ray vision, which allows him to see those with butterfly-brains.

In the ep’s final scene, Leota Adebayo (Danielle Brooks) tries the helmet on while alone at the office with Murn, resulting in her discovering the truth about her boss. Once he realizes, Murn attacks Leota, ending up with her sprawled on the pavement in the rain while he stands over her menacingly. Cue credits…

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Seeing as fans were initially spoiled by having the first three episodes drop in one go, Peacemaker viewers are struggling to deal with the fact they now have to wait an entire week until they can find out what happened to Adebayo.

Top-tier GIF usage.


Wrong franchise, but OK.

That was intense.

The biggest jaw-drop moment so far. Well, except for that Bat-Mite reference.

Leota’s life hanging in the balance is particularly cruel after episode five focused on the team, excluding Murn, doing some serious bonding. So if Murn really does hurt her in any way, then he’ll have hell to pay from Chris Smith and his friends. But what if he makes her a Butterfly, too? Will the gang notice she’s been body-snatched?

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Peacemaker continues with its sixth episode — which might be the best of the season — next Thursday on HBO Max.


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