Tuesday May 10, 2022
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The Book of Boba Fett - Mando's new ship

Photo via the Book of Boba Fett/Disney Plus

The Star Wars universe is in the midst of creating a new set of interconnected stories, told from multiple angles via The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett.

Boba Fett was reintroduced via a season two episode of The Mandalorian, and the Book of Boba Fett just returned the favor, featuring Mando — and his new ship — in its latest episode.

Boba was there during episode six of season two, when a shot from Moff Gideon destroyed the Razor Crest, Mando’s stalwart little rust bucket. The ship saw Mando through a lot and, despite the massive amount of damage it took along the way, always made it through.

There was no fixing the Razor Crest this time, however, considering how many pieces it ended up in. Mando polished off the season shipless — and Grogu-less — leaving fans to wonder how his explorations through space would continue. That question was answered in the latest episode of The Book of Boba Fett, which featured Mando’s sleek new vessel.

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The ship is much smaller than the Razor Crest, which had an entire lower deck where Mando stored his bounties and slept, and offered seating for at least three. The new ship looks like a one-man vehicle with perhaps just enough space for one other very small passenger. It doesn’t appear to have any space for sleeping or transporting bounties, which could present a problem if Mando aims to return to his former profession. You know, the one he enjoyed before he became the galaxy’s most important babysitter.

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Mando’s shiny new ship sparked a debate among fans, some of whom fell instantly in love, while others were busy sharing their dislike. Some felt the ship was too small to support Mando’s profession and complained that its resemblance to ships introduced in Star Wars: Episode I kindles the wrong kind of nostalgia.

Other fans noted that while the ship doesn’t appear big enough for most passengers, it has a perfectly sized compartment for a certain big-eared, 50-year-old baby. They shared their delight and wondered how soon we’ll see Mando reunited with his adoptive child.

Many people shared genuine enjoyment for the ship, referencing its sleek appearance and speed, which — compared to his old ship — saw a major upgrade.

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Other, predictable complaints also litter fan reactions. Many people were confused as to how Boba Fett managed to miss the best episode of his own series, and — while they were delighted by Mando’s return — felt that his story should be told exclusively via The Mandalorian.

That would somewhat defeat the purpose of what Disney and Lucasfilm are trying to do here, however. The companies are working to create a thoroughly interconnected universe, a la the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so that different series can feature returning characters and crossover events, something that many fans would absolutely eat up.


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