Wednesday June 29, 2022

'Rafael Nadal's great objective this year is...', says former ATP star

The famous tennis coach Darren Cahill, in an interview with the New York Times, spoke about the fab three and what their aspirations could be between now and the imminent future. Starting with the next slam to be held in late May in Paris “Look, if Novak comes back, I think we’re talking about Rafael Nadal and him going to France as co-favorites,” Cahill said in his interview.

“Of course you have to be able to beat Rafa in five sets on clay, and we’ve seen how difficult it has been, but Novak has been pretty damn impressive in recent years”. The Serbian champion hasn’t had a chance to defend his title at the Aussies.

Open due to the well-known events related to the expulsion of his visa by the Australian authorities. The title was then won by the Manacor tennis player who won the twenty-first career slam: “I think Novak will use this to fuel the fire he has always played with,” the Australian coach continued- “I think he is still trying to improve his game and I think we will still see an incredible level from Novak in the next couple of years.”

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But not only Djokovic, according to the former coach of Agassi and Murray, Nadal’s victory in Melbourne could also motivate Roger Federer a bit to try to return to the circuit in a brilliant way. “I think what Rafa did can put some fuel in Roger’s tank as well.

He might say “if Rafa is still out there doing it, why can’t I do it if I’m fine and still have that love for the game?” So, I think this always gives energy to the big three”.

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Nadal is the most successful tennis player in men’s singles

Rafael Nadal’s coach Carlos Moya believes the Spaniard will add more Grand Slams to his tally following his historic Australian Open triumph on Sunday.

“I think it’s not the last Grand Slam I’m going to see him win. I’m very aware of who Rafa is and what he’s done in the history of tennis. It’s very difficult for another to win, but it’s Rafa Nadal I won’t get tired of say it.

He is one of the favorite players for every tournament he can play,” said Moya. Moya further disclosed that Nadal is eyeing his 14th French Open title in Paris this year. The coach feels that if the 35-year-old is “healthy,” he will once again be one of the favorites at Roland Garros.

“Rafa’s great objective this year is Roland Garros and we have to do everything possible to get there in the best way. If he is healthy he is one of the favorites, but there are several months to go with many events in between,” mentioned Moya.


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