Sunday August 7, 2022

Dashcam footage from Australia has captured the moment the driver of a pickup slammed through the front fence of a property after speeding through an intersection.

The incident occurred in the coastal town of Carnarvon, Western Australia and involved what appeared to be a dark grey Holden Colorado.

This video shared to the ever-popular Dash Cam Owners Australia channel on YouTube shows the pickup truck come storming towards a T-intersection and attempting to make a right-hand turn in wet and slippery conditions. However, the driver carried far too much speed into the intersection and immediately encounters a huge dose of understeer and is unable to control the pickup.

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Rather than making the corner, the pickup instead speeds up a curb and smashes into the fence of a property, taking out a huge column in the process. The Holden didn’t come to a rest until it also whacked into a Toyota Hilux parked in the driveway of the property.

The crash was pretty violent but shortly afterward, the female driver can be seen leaving the pickup, seemingly uninjured. The video then shows that she tried to flee the scene but two men who witnessed the crash quickly grabbed onto her.

The video doesn’t give us a good view of the damage sustained to the Holden but it seems inevitable that the front end has been destroyed and there’s a good chance the pickup will be declared a write-off.

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