Tuesday June 28, 2022

Evil Dead The Game will be globally released on the 13th of May on PlayStation 4 and 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, S and X and Microsoft Windows. With this news, players are curious to know whether Evil Dead The Game has a crossplay feature, let’s find out in this article.

Saber Interactive’s Evil Dead is an upcoming horror survival title based on the Evil Dead film series. If you are familiar with the series and have already tried out the previous titles in the franchise, you absolutely need no introduction.

In the game, you will be taking up the character of Ash Williams and along with your friends, you will be surviving and making your way through the in-game world. The game contains tons of action packed content that is worth grinding.

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Evil Dead: The Game – Gameplay Overview Trailer



Evil Dead: The Game – Gameplay Overview Trailer






Is there a crossplay feature in Evil Dead The Game

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Fortunately, Evil Dead The Game has a crossplay feature, which means you can invite and play with your friends regardless of the platform. However, make sure you have the above-mentioned platforms to play the game. This news was officially confirmed by the developers of the game through a tweet. 

The process to invite a friend is still unclear as the game is yet to release in the near future. Make sure you keep an eye on our page as we will jot down the steps on how you can easily invite or get invited to play with your friends.

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The game lets you play in a team of four with the ultimate aim of looting and exploring to survive in the dangerous world. This game is heavily inspired by the original Evil Dead films as well as the STARZ original Ash vs Evil Dead television series.

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Interestingly, you get to choose whether you wish to play as good or evil. If you go with good character, then you have to defeat the enemies and restore back things to normal. Or else, you can take control of Kandarian Demon and rule the world by swallowing the souls.

Lastly, players who are looking to nab some goodies can preorder the game to get Ash Williams S-Mart Employee Outfit and Ash Williams Gallant Knight Outfit. 

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