Monday June 27, 2022

We Were Here Together is the third game in the We Were Here series, and it takes off in a way neither of the previous games has before. This time, the team of two players doesn’t start by separating to escape an abandoned castle. The stakes are higher this time. A flare lights up the sky in the distance and a broken call for help echoes over the radio. Someone is lost and in trouble out there in the frozen wastes.

Like its predecessors, We Were Here Together is a co-op puzzle adventure where separation and communication are key to survival and to unlocking the game’s many achievements. The tone of the previous games carries over, but with even more tension and more difficult puzzles. The differences start with this game’s setting: while the castle motif is still played with, the change to the frozen wasteland, abandoned structures, and mines are a great new addition. And the achievements this time are all hidden, giving players absolutely no hints as to how to earn them. Much like the series’ previous iterations, there are achievements that can only be unlocked by playing as either player 1 or player 2, so the game will require at least two playthroughs.

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Like the original We Were Here, We Were Here Together starts off allowing both players to earn an achievement while hardly having to lift a finger. The achievement “We’re In This Together!” is unlocked by inviting a friend to play the game. While incredibly simple and not entirely worthwhile, the achievement does tip the players off to their being hidden achievements waiting to be found in the game, thus making it necessary.

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To gain all of the achievements in We Were Here Together, players will have to play the game two full times with a third run of the final chapter to unlock all endings. While some of these achievements can be unlocked by both players, some require the player to start from a specific checkpoint, making the distinction between players 1 and 2 all the more necessary. The following are the hidden achievements that Player 1 can unlock and exactly how to go about doing that:

  • The Signal: Set out on the rescue mission by leaving through the main gates.
  • Up Down Up Down: Reach the top of the excavation site.
  • Iceolated: Solve the puzzles to get through the abandoned mine.
  • Abridged Adventure: Solve the puzzles to create a way across the gaping chasm.
  • The Tower: Split up and infiltrate the tower (the room with the posters).
  • Energize: Disable the Tesla reactor.
  • Chromatic Apparatus: Work with player 2 to refill the colored tanks.
  • Water You Waiting For: Rescue Player 2 from the water silo.
  • Recipe for Disaster: Create the pesticide.
  • Reflection: Solve the puzzles of the head priest.
  • Mixed Feelings: Assist player 2 in creating the soulstone.
  • Cardinal Correction: Solve the guardians’ riddle.

This is where the two different endings come into play. If player 1 chooses to sacrifice their partner player, they will earn the achievement “We Were Here.” If they decide instead to sacrifice themselves for the sake of their partner, they will earn “Together.”

We Were Here Together learned from its two predecessors by taking what made them so great (the escape room-esque puzzles, the necessary communication between partners, the tense and mysterious atmosphere, etc.) and built on it by adding new elements for fans to enjoy. The melancholy ending keeps perfect pace with both We Were Here and We Were Here Too, giving players all the more reason to look forward to the release of the next game in the series.

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We Were Here Together is available on Steam, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.


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