Wednesday July 6, 2022

NFL schedule leaks happen every year ahead of the official NFL schedule release, and we’re keeping track of every single one.

It’s that time of the year, when football is about to go back into quasi-hibernation as teams drift between the frenzy of the offseason and prepping for training camp.

For fans it can feel like being stuck in limbo, but the NFL is dropping the curtain on the first act of this new season by quite literally mapping out how the rest of it will go. The NFL schedule release is the unofficial end of the and the beginning of a new year. Matchups are locked in, the National TV schedule is set, and fans know when and where they will be able to watch their team battle for a Super Bowl. From gamblers licking their chops at what bets can be made during the season to fantasy footballers receiving a major piece of their strategic puzzle, the NFL schedule release is way more interesting than it has any business being.

But it’s the dropping of the curtain on all the chaos we’ve endured thus far in the new year and the table setting for the journey that lies ahead.

NFL Schedule release: Tracking all of the NFL schedule leaks

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Note: This post will update once the latest leak trickles through. Any leaks that are verified will be noted as such, as will leaks that end up being debunked. 

Dallas Cowboys will play in Green Bay Week 10 

We thought it might happen last year in the playoffs, which would have been perfect, but Mike McCarthy will make his return to Lambeau Field in November. If you’re trying to do the math, this game won’t line up with the Thanksgiving Day schedule, although how awesome would a Cowboys-Packers game be that day?

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NFL Thanksgiving schedule

Aside from the schedule as a whole being released, one thing all NFL fans want to know is which games will be played on Thanksgiving. Football has monopolized the holiday and made pigskin as synonymous with turkey and stuffing.

This year it sounds like the Bengals and Commanders will get in on the early slate fun, while the Bills and Ravens are slotted into the ‘Free Space’ primetime game.


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