Wednesday July 6, 2022

Elden Ring is arguably one of the best open-world titles when it comes to lore, graphics and of course music. We must have come across various artists showcasing their drawings, describing the story and lots more. Today, we will take a look at one of the music artists who played the Elden Ring OST in 15 styles.

Elden Ring has a piece of opening background music which plays while you are on the main menu navigating the options or loading up the game. Alex Moukala has beautifully played the same in fifteen different styles and with different instruments as well. 

Alex Moukala is an Italian Orchestral Composer & Music Producer who is known for his unique music styles. He rose to fame by remixing background music of multiple-hit games in his own style and posting them on various social media platforms.

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Elden Ring | Story Trailer



Elden Ring | Story Trailer





Elden Ring OST in 15 Styles

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Alex Moukala begins playing the original soundtrack of Elden Ring with a Spanish guitar and quickly moves the same track with other instruments. This shows his skillsets and mastery of beautifully playing the tunes with a variety of musical instruments.

Apart from instruments he also uses music making software to give a futuristic blend to the soundtrack. Apart from the Elden ring OST, Alex also has a massive collection including the recreated soundtracks of Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy and many more.  Check out the video of Alex Moukala playing the OST of Elden Ring below.

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Elden Ring Main Theme in 15 StylesElden Ring Main Theme in 15 Styles

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Speaking of Elden Ring’s original soundtracks, there are a total of 51 different songs, which usually play when the character encounters a main or a field boss. These soundtracks are produced by some of the best artists in the music industry. Most importantly, the game has a set of soundtracks for each situation.

Interestingly, the artists who worked in the Elden Ring OST have also worked in other Souls games by From Software under the label from From Software. That’s all about  Elden Ring OST in 15 styles, do check Alex Moukala’s YouTube and Twitter for such jaw-dropping recreations.

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