Thursday May 12, 2022
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Homes burn in Laguna Nigeul on Wednesday as a fire burns through the area

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Homes burn in Laguna Nigeul on Wednesday as a fire burns through the area

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Homes burn in Laguna Nigeul on Wednesday as a fire burns through the area


A wildfire near Laguna Beach, California, has already destroyed 20 homes and will likely continue to ravage the region throughout the day.

The blaze — called the Coastal Fire — raged through the early morning hours on Thursday, during which time fire crews were dispatched to attempt to stop its advance.

Despite their efforts, by Thursday morning a score of homes — including five multi-million dollar mansions, one of which was listed for $10m — were left in smoldering ruins as the blaze continued to grow to around 200 acres.

The wildfire is the fueled in-part the ongoing drought conditions affecting much of the western and southwestern US. The lack of rain causes regional flora to dry out, which then creates ideal conditions to fuel wildfires.

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Fire crews believe the blaze started in the Aliso Woods Canyon, which abuts one of the Laguna neighborhoods. Mandatory evacuation orders have been enacted for parts of Laguna Niguel.


Plumes of smoke blot out the sky above Laguna Beach neighborhoods

Footage from Laguna Beach shows columns of smoke from the nearby Coastal Fire rising into the sky over the neighborhood.

The fire spread in the early morning hours of Thursday and now includes more than 200 acres.

Graig Graziosi12 May 2022 15:31


Welcome to the liveblog

Welcome to The Independent’s live coverage of the Coastal Fire, which is tearing through the ocean-side community of Laguna Beach in southern California.

The fire has grown to 200 acres as responders battle strong ocean winds and drought conditions to get a handle on the fire.

Graig Graziosi12 May 2022 15:29


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