Thursday May 12, 2022

Marriage in Skyrim can be something of a mixed bag, so it’s no surprise that the Dragonborn may seek out divorce as an option. On the one hand, while married, the Dragonborn receives benefits like the Lover’s Comfort effect and access to home-cooked meals. On the other, repetitive dialogue can turn even the most beloved Skyrim NPCs into annoyances if players hang around them long enough. Unfortunately, Skyrim‘s marriage candidates are among the worst offenders. As a result, some Skyrim players may be looking to end their marriage in one way or another, either to remarry a different character or free the Dragonborn from any significant attachments.

The marriage feature in Skyrim is the closest the game has to any sort of romance mechanic, though it still isn’t very fleshed-out. To marry a character, the Dragonborn simply has to equip an Amulet of Mara and then talk to the available party. If the individual is up for marriage, the two can attend a short ceremony in Riften. Most NPCs will require players to complete some form of quest before they agree to marry the Dragonborn. Once married, the character can move into the Dragonborn’s house and help look after their children if Skyrim‘s Hearthfire DLC has been purchased. Although many of Skyrim‘s best and most popular followers and NPCs can’t be married, there are still dozens of options to choose from.

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There are plenty of well-liked marriage candidates in Skyrim, from Farkas and Aela the Huntress to Skyrim‘s most iconic housecarl Lydia. However, many others have proven themselves less affable due to either their negative attitude or their lack of use as a follower. Additionally, players may find that Skyrim becomes more difficult once the Dragonborn has been married. For example, the Dragonborn’s spouse can be kidnapped by bandits, and some players might dislike that their house becomes more crowded once additional characters have moved in. This is especially prevalent for smaller player houses in Skyrim, like Breezehome. To that end, is there any way to end the marriage and get a divorce in Skyrim?

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The short answer is that there’s no official way to obtain a divorce in Skyrim. That said, there are a few other ways to get rid of an unwanted spouse. The easiest method is to kill them, assuming that the Dragonborn is married to a non-essential NPC in Skyrim. A well-timed sneak attack can ensure that players avoid accruing a bounty while freeing themselves from their marriage. If the Dragonborn’s spouse has the option to become a follower, players can likewise let them tag along on one of Skyrim‘s longest dungeon crawls, though this method is less guaranteed to work. There’s also Boethiah’s Daedric quest, which allows players to kill off a follower without consequence.

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Unfortunately, the two more painless methods for ending a marriage in Skyrim – console commands or modding – are only available to PC players and thus aren’t feasible for much of Skyrim‘s player base on PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo consoles. Additionally, although the most recent Skyrim re-release, Skyrim Anniversary Edition, added dozens of Bethesda Creation Club mods into the base game, a divorce or marriage overhaul mod wasn’t among them. It remains a possibility that a future remaster will alter this, seeing as players have already seen Skyrim re-release across 10 different consoles over a dozen times now, but the future of the game is currently unclear. It’s more likely that Bethesda’s developers are focusing their attention on The Elder Scrolls 6 instead. Hopefully, marriage will be reworked as the Elder Scrolls series moves forward, and divorce will become more attainable.

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