Thursday May 12, 2022

The makers of Critical Role have announced a new mini-series adventure, Exandria Unlimited: Calamity. Critical Role is currently in the midst of its third campaign set in the fantasy world of Exandria. Calamity is part of an already established piece of Exandria’s lore, that until now has not been explored in a campaign.

Exandria is the world where all of Critical Role’s major campaigns take place, along with side stories like “The Search for Grog.” As the story goes, Exandria was discovered by a group of gods as a realm of complete chaos until those gods gave it form and then created mortal lives to exist upon it. In order to brave the dangers of the world, they gifted mortals magical abilities. This started the beginning of a war between the gods, battling over the fate of humanity until the “Betrayer Gods” were defeated and then imprisoned by the Prime Deities. However, the Betrayer Gods were later released by a power-hungry mortal, which lead to the infamously violent and Exandria-defining war known as The Calamity.

The announcement from Critical Role places the events of Calamity “almost a thousand years prior to the events of our very first campaign, Vox Machina on the official timeline, placing it further back than any other campaign so far. They also stated that “you don’t need to know anything about Exandria, its lore, or Critical Role to enjoy this show,” so fans who are not caught up on Critical Role or are new to the show can still jump in without feeling lost. Helming this story as the Game Master will be Dimension 20’s acclaimed Brennan Lee Mulligan. Joining Brennan from Dimension 20 is Lou Wilson, who will be sitting at the Critical Role table as a player for the first time, along with LA By Night‘s Luis Carazo. They will be accompanied by returning Critical Role players Marisha Ray, Sam Riegel, Travis Willingham, and Aabria Iyengar.

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Before now, The Calamity was an ominous piece of Critical Role’s lore about a tragic war, with more casualties than Exandria has ever seen since. It is a major part of how the Exandria setting fans are familiar with came to be. Therefore, to fully experience Exandria Unlimited: Calamity through the eyes of an adventuring party promises to be a fascinating dive into Exandria’s rich history. While fans of Critical Role may already know that the good guys eventually win in the end, they also know that it wasn’t without grave risks and costs.

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Fans of this massively influential D&D series will likely be thrilled to explore this foundational piece of the setting’s history. With a rich yet familiar story setting the stage, and a beloved cast to play the story out, fans are anticipating an unforgettable tale. Exandria Unlimited: Calamity will begin airing the first of four episodes on May 26th at 7:00 pm PST on the Critical Role Twitch and YouTube channels.

Source: Critical Role/Twitter


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