Friday May 13, 2022

Adopt Me‘s latest snow weather update is here and players will be getting a chance to get a Golden and Diamond Albatross as part of the update.

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To get the Albatross in Adopt Me, first players need to ensure they have the snow weather update. Once you have that, first you need to reach the igloo on the map. Once you find the igloo, you need to get inside the igloo. After you are inside the igloo you will see a completely new area filled with ice.

Adopt Me | Winter Update Trailer



Adopt Me | Winter Update Trailer





How To Get Golden and Diamond Albatross In Adopt Me

To get an Albatross, you need to head straight until you see a board with the details of the Albatross. Here are the odds of getting an Albatross in the game.

  • Albatross – 60%
  • Golden Albatross – 37.5%
  • Diamond Albatross 2.5%

Players can get a Golden Clam by getting it by 199 Robux. Using the Golden Clam, players can get an Albatross. The easiest one to get is the regular Albatross, which has a 60% chance. Likewise, if you need a Golden Albatross, the odds drop to 37.5%, with the diamond one falling even further to 2.5%.

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So how many Golden Clams do you need to get each one of these? Well by pure numbers, you will be able to get an Albatross easily in the first or second attempt. For a Golden Albatross, you need around three to four attempts, going by the pure odds. Lastly, if you need a Diamond Albatross, you might need to get as many as 40 Golden Clams.

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If you don’t have enough Robux right now, don’t be too worried. You will still get a chance to get the all-new pet, as the Snow Weather will be coming back! Yes, you read the right. The Snow map will be returning on the 28th of every month, so you will be getting another chance to get the pet in the near future.

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