Thursday May 12, 2022

Warning! Spoilers for Thor #25 by Marvel Comics

The ongoing battle of the big brains continues, as Iron Man just tricked and trolled Mr. Fantastic into believing he did the impossible. In a brand new preview for Thor #25 by Marvel Comics, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes track down the Hulk. When they find his location, Tony Stark reveals he used advanced tech that Reed Richards can’t believe he figured out. After the Fantastic Four hero admits he didn’t think Stark was capable of pulling off the tech, its revealed Iron Man was lying and he actually gained the information elsewhere.

Iron Man and Mr. Fantastic have long made understandable rivals, as both heroes are among the smartest and ego-driven heroes in the Marvel Universe. Tony Stark and Reed Richards have come at odds over who is smarter, whose plans are smarter, and who is more innovative. However, Marvel Comics recently revealed that Mr. Fantastic was actually smarter than Stark in one of the hilarious manners imaginable, as Iron Man sharing his intellect led to the Fantastic Four leader to become dumber when everyone else became smarter. Now, in somewhat ironic revenge, Iron Man is trolling Reed Richards by getting him to believe he might actually be smarter.

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In a brand new preview of Thor #25 by Donny Cates, Martin Coccolo, Matt Wilson, and VC’s Joe Sabino (courtesy of our friends at CBR), Earth’s Mightiest Heroes gather together to figure out how to deal with an unleashed Hulk jumping around different universes. Iron Man informs the heroes that Hulk is currently on the Black Hand of God, a severed hand of a Celestial that’s been turned into a deadly gladiator arena. When Mr. Fantastic asks how he’s sure about it, Tony Stark reveals he picked it up via sound and triangulated the sonic disturbance and isolated it. He adds the sound was someone saying “Hulk Smash” as the voice blew a satellite from two thousand miles away.

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Reed is shocked, as he admits he had no idea Iron Man was capable of pulling off such a technological marvel and discovery in space. Of course, Tony immediately reveals he doesn’t know “how to do any of that” and he actually got the information from Thor’s Ravens. It’s a wonderful troll job by Iron Man, who really made Mr. Fantastic believe he outsmarted him in the moment. Check out the rest of the preview, which Iron Man spars with Iron Man about how to approach taking down the Hulk.


While Tony Stark is smarter than pretty much everyone on Earth, save a few faces, getting to troll Reed with his lie about how he found the Hulk had to feel good for the hero. Pretending he gained the intel from his space tech baffled Mr. Fantastic, leading Iron Man to pull the rug and reveal he was making it all up and Thor’s Raven’s actually gave him the intel. As far as troll jobs go, Iron Man tricking Mr. Fantastic is one of the best in Marvel Comics history. Thor #25 is in comic book stores on Wednesday.

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