Friday May 13, 2022

MLB The Show 22 is bring back a Home Run hungry game mode as the Moonshot Weekend 2 Event is now live.

We’ve got details on the best pitchers for you to use and the exact end date for the Moonshot Weekend 2 Event in MLB The Show 22.

MLB The Show 22: Moonshot Weekend 2 Event End Date & Rules

Diamond Dynasty Events are always in flux, and the departure of April Monthly Awards brings the arrival of something new.

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For the second time since launch, Moonshot is back to pit some of the best hitters in the game against significantly weaker pitchers.


MLB The Show 22 Moonshot Weekend 2 Event

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SANTA MARIA: It’ll be an event with plenty of Home Runs once again

Moonshot Weekend Event 2 had a start date of Thursday, May 12, 2022 at 11am PT and is set for an end date of Tuesday, May 17, 2022 at 11am PT.


While the spirit of the event has remained the same, they’ve also made a slight change to the rules on which pitchers can be used.

The last Moonshot Weekend Event only allowed Common pitchers, but this time it’s been both expanded and shrunk by requiring Bronze right handed pitchers.

Best Starting Pitchers for Moonshot Weekend 2

First off, it’s worth noting that Common pitchers are still usable this time around, but the option for stronger Bronze replacements is something most players should take advantage of.

You still won’t have any lights out pitchers and can inevitably give up hits and Home Runs, but using pitchers with a Slider and Sinker that also have variable speeds among their pitches can help.

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We’ve also picked out a few submarine and sidearm pitchers who have a unique windup that could help when playing online.

  • James Kaprielian – 74 OVR
    • Solid Stamina/Velocity/Break, has Sinker/Slider combo and an off speed Curveball
  • Dakota Hudson – 74 OVR
    • Solid Stamina/Velocity/Break, has Sinker/Slider combo with speed difference, low-speed 12-6 Curve and 4SFB with identical speed to Sinker
  • Kyle Wright – 74 OVR
    • Stong Stamina with 90+ in Velocity and Break, has Sinker/Slider combo with speed difference and a slow Slurve
  • Touki Toussaint – 73 OVR
    • Solid Stamina/Velocity/Break, has Sinker/4SFB with almost identical speeds and very off speed Curveball
  • Alec Mills – 72 OVR
    • Strong Break/Stamina, has Sinker/Slider with speed variation, off speed Circle Change, and very slow Curveball


Keep in mind that a few of these may change in the Roster Update, but looking for some of these same strengths will help fill out your Event squad.

Best Relievers for Moonshot Weekend 2

Now that we’ve covered some of the names that can round out your rotation, we have some unique options for the bullpen.

You can look for many of the same strengths mentioned above, but one big advantage for relievers is that some of the filthiest pitching motions are in this category.

  • Adam Cimber – 69 OVR
    • Submarine pitcher with high BB/9 and H/9, nearly 10mph variation between Sinker and Slider
  • Tyler Rogers – 71 OVR
    • Submarine pitcher with very high BB/9, strong H/9 and PCLT, matched speed 4SFB and Sinker along with off speed Slider
  • Steve Cishek – 64 OVR
    • Sidearm pitcher with solid H/9, Control, and Break, matched speed 4SFB and Sinker along with off speed Slider
  • Ryan Thompson – 68 OVR
    • Sidearm pitcher with strong H/9 and Break, has good 4SFB/Sinker speed similarities, off speed Slider, and off speed Cutter
  • Justin Lawrence – 66 OVR
    • Sidearm pitcher with very strong Velocity, solid H/9 and Break, high speed Sinker and 2SFB paired with off speed Slider

You can find more details on submarine pitchers here if you hope to use them in the Moonshot Weekend 2 Event or elsewhere in MLB The Show 22.


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