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It’s no secret that the Jeep Wrangler is a very popular vehicle to modify. However, we never thought we would see the day when a Wrangler was transformed into a wild hot rod. That’s exactly what you see before you and the unique creation is currently up for sale on eBay.

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The listing doesn’t provide much information about the history of this Wrangler and just how it ended up looking like this, other than noting that it is a 1988 model. From the pictures and information that is available, we can tell that it shares very little in common with its former self.

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For starters, every single body panel of the car is new and the proportions are very different from a typical Wrangler. Dominating the exterior are matte black panels with almost no shut lines while the hot rod also features wood paneling on the front and along the sides. It is also sitting on a new set of five-spoke wheels and has had the roof completely removed and replaced with some roll bars and a new windshield.

Much like the exterior, the cabin of the Wrangler is very basic. In fact, there’s not much more than a custom wood dashboard, a Jeep steering wheel, and a pair of cream-colored leather seats.

You can forgive the builder of the car for making the exterior and interior so basic when you look under the hood. Gone is the Wrangler’s original engine and in its place sits a huge Ford 7.5-liter naturally-aspirated V8 engine coupled to an automatic transmission. It is unclear just how much power the Wrangler is pumping out but we know it is rear-wheel drive and are sure that it is a blast to launch down the quarter-mile.

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Considering all the work that went into the vehicle, the asking price of $17,950 doesn’t seem unreasonable, does it?

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