Thursday May 12, 2022

In case you didn’t see, last week, we sent Matt and some of our video team out to Miami to explore the area, meet some of our US fans, and make some amazing content so that we can all get a feel for the Miami vibe! 

At the beginning of the week, the first stop was probably Matt’s highlight of his week, or maybe life 😂 Matt and Charles Leclerc had the chance to play on the new F1®22 game, in a ‘you drive, I steer’ style. Yep, it was total chaos, but we loved every second of it! 

“It was a very special moment, not going to lie,” Matt said about the experience. “It’s been a long time coming, but to finally film with him AND him be in such good spirits really was the dream. It’s easily one of my favourite videos ever on WTF1.” 

[embedded content]

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If you want to pre-order the F1®22 game that Matt and Charles were playing in the video, you can pre-order here!


What are you dooooing? 🤣 Pre-order F1®️22 at the link in our bio #f1 #formula1 #charlesleclerc #f122game #ad

♬ original sound – wtf1

If you want to see Matt’s review of a lap of the Miami circuit, he also did a handy commentary over this virtual lap. 

As many of you saw, Miami was crawling with celebrities and motorsport talents over the whole week, and Matt managed to catch up with Romain Grojean to ask him who he thought would win the Miami GP? Did he get it right? Check out the video below.


Who does Romain Grosjean think is going to win the Miami GP? #wtf1 #f1 #grosjean #leclerc #verstappen #miamigp

♬ original sound – wtf1

We can’t mention Miami without talking about the fake marina. It was possibly the most talked about part of the track pre-weekend, and it wasn’t even part of the track. As soon as Matt got into the Fan Zone, he had to check it out and give it a little extra touch…

It was such a mega journey into the circuit and there was so much to see around the venue 🤩 


Miami vibes 🤩 #f1 #formula1 #miamigp #wtf1 #ad

♬ original sound – wtf1

Plus, AN F1 CAR ON REAL WATER? 😱😂 We want this in our back garden!

And to finish up the crazy things that you can spot on the streets of Miami, they even saw this wild car demonstration and some Miami special liveries. 


Only a half F1 donut, but still cool 😎 #wtf1 #f1 #miamigp

♬ original sound – wtf1


What do you think of it?! 🤔 #wtf1 #f1 #miamigp

♬ original sound – wtf1

Thanks to Codemasters and the official F1®22 game for giving us this special opportunity.

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If you want to pre-order the game click here.


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