Friday May 13, 2022

The Trading Post is one of the many buildings that players will need to unlock in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising, allowing players to exchange certain resources for others in the game. Once players have built the Trading Post, the shop will be run by Hogan, the first character CJ comes across in the game. Unfortunately, the Trading Post can’t be unlocked immediately, but rather players will need to complete a couple of hours of the game’s story first.

The Trading post is perfect for players that are having an issue farming a specific material, or if they’d rather trade what they already own for a different resource. This is also the only building in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising that will give players rewards for accumulating stamps. For example, players can trade two ore and 100 baqua for lumber in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising. Some of the other resources include a variety of crystals, stones, ores, and more that are all essential for crafting items in the game.

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Before players can build the Trading Post, they’ll have to reach Main Quest 7: Catch That Girl! During this time, players can complete multiple side quests that will allow them to build shops around the village before going to find Mellore in the Quarry. For example, to get the side quest to craft the Trading Post, players will need to speak with Hogan and begin Go Get My Treasure Chest!

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After speaking with Hogan on Second Street and receiving the Go Get My Treasure Chest! side quest, players will need to head to the Great Forest either by fast traveling to the location or taking the main pathway. The closest location that players can fast travel to is the Cave Signpost, and from there they’ll need to continue along the right side. Once they reach the outside area again, the chest can be found just before defeating a plant enemy in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising. With the chest’s contents in hand, return to Hogan to build the Trading Post.

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The Trading Post can be upgraded multiple times as well by visiting Hogan after completing other missions. For example, the first additional shop quest that players will receive from Hogan takes place during Main Quest 11: On The Other Side… By speaking with the Trading Post vendor, players will receive the Have You Seen Sarita? quest. By completing this quest, players will be have approval in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising to receive new resources for trading. Fortunately, it’s a simple quest to increase the Trading Post to Level 2 as the only things that need to be done are speaking with Sarita in Outlander Lane, then returning to Hogan to wrap it up.

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Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising is available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.


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