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Tears, sex scenes and James Franco: Depp v Heard trial continues

WARNING: This article contains allegations of physical and sexual violence that some readers may find distressing.

Court proceedings in the defamation trial opposing Johnny Depp and Amber Heard will resume on Monday after a week-long hiatus. Judge Penney Azcarate informed both parties and the jury of the break at the start of the trial.

Heard is being sued by Depp for $50m for implying he abused her in a 2018 Washington Post op-ed. Although she didn’t name him, he claims her allegations impacted his ability to work.

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As the break began, both sides issued statements of confidence in how the proceedings are going.

Heard will continue giving testimony on 16 May. She has already spoken extensively about her troubled relationship with Depp and detailed alleged physical fights. The court heard a harrowing account of an alleged sexual assault on Heard during a brutal and bloody altercation in Australia in 2015.

According to reporting by Law & Crime, Depp will also be called back to the witness stand as part of Heard’s case. The jury will also hear from Whitney Henriquez, Heard’s sister, and actor Ellen Barkin, with whom Depp had a brief relationship in the 1990s.


Why Amber Heard’s defamation trial is being held in Virginia

Here’s why:

Oliver O’Connell12 May 2022 11:30


Heard recalls leaving Depp’s private island with his daughter Lily Rose

Ms Heard testified in the couple’s multi-million dollar defamation trial that she had accompanied Mr Depp and his children to the Bahamas in July 2013 for a final trip on his yacht before he sold it to Harry Potter author JK Rowling.

Read more:

Oliver O’Connell14 May 2022 03:00


Hearsay objections – what are they and how have they featured in the trial?

Those who have followed the defamation trial opposing Johnny Depp and Amber Heard in Virginia will have become familiar with the term “hearsay”. It has been frequently brought up in objections by either party’s legal teams, prompting some questions about what hearsay is, why it’s not admissible as evidence in a court of law, and whether it might be used under special circumstances.

Oliver O’Connell14 May 2022 02:00


Depp team of enablers shielded his drug, alcohol use, says Heard

Johnny Depp surrounded himself with an entourage of enablers to shield him from the consequences of his drug and alcohol use, his ex-wife Amber Heard testified before the trial broke for a week.

Oliver O’Connell14 May 2022 01:00


Heard claims Depp ripped her underwear and did ‘cavity search’

Amber Heard has claimed that Johnny Depp ripped off her underwear and did a “cavity search” when he thought she had hidden cocaine.

Oliver O’Connell14 May 2022 00:00


ICYMI: Heard describes first time Depp allegedly hit her

The actress told a jury at the former couple’s defamation trial in Virginia that she was “heartbroken” when Mr Depp slapped her across the face three times in an alleged attack that she said had “changed her life”.

Oliver O’Connell13 May 2022 23:00


The ‘lesser known person’ in Johnny Depp’s US defamation trial

As she entered the witness box to give evidence in the multimillion-dollar US defamation trial against her former partner Johnny Depp, Amber Heard acknowledged that she was “the lesser known person” in the courtroom.

Oliver O’Connell13 May 2022 22:00


How courtroom live-streaming turned an ugly battle between exes into a circus

As Law&Crime Network streams every single detail of the high-profile case, Tom Murray reports on how the lines between justice and entertainment have blurred.

Oliver O’Connell13 May 2022 21:00


Perhaps somewhat awkwardly, Dr Curry was seated at the front of the court during Dr Hughes testimony, which ran completely contra to her own assessment of Ms Heard.

Oliver O’Connell13 May 2022 20:15


Dr Hughes also testified about the knife given to Mr Depp by Ms Heard with the inscription “hasta la muerte” — “until death” in Spanish.

Oliver O’Connell13 May 2022 20:00


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