Saturday May 14, 2022

How Micah Parsons reacted to the Dallas Cowboys’ 2022 NFL schedule release is exactly the type of energy this contending NFC team needs to fully embrace this season.

Drawing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Cincinnati Bengals right out of the gate could be frightening for most players, but Dallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons isn’t most players.

Parsons spoke with Cowboys legend Michael Irvin about Dallas’ 2022 regular season schedule over the air on The NFL Network Thursday night. Though both games are at home, including Sunday Night Football in Week 1 vs. Tampa Bay, they are against teams that have been to the Super Bowl in the last two years. Parsons is not backing away from either of these challenges.

“Seeing, Tampa Bay and Cincinnati back to back, that was kinda like the first thing that I saw,” said Parsons. “Bengals in it last year, Super Bowl contender, obviously. Tom Brady and the Buccaneers are always Super Bowl contenders.”

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“It’s a testament to see where our team’s at and where we stand at. And I think that’s a great start to [play against] those two Super Bowl teams, Super Bowl-type teams will be big ‘W’s for the Cowboys.”

If Dallas were to go 2-0 vs. these two contending teams, it might be the year for “America’s Team.”

Micah Parsons’ thoughts on Dallas Cowboys schedule should be how team thinks

Dallas may not be the favorite to come out of the NFC this season, but the Cowboys have every reason to think they can repeat in the division and get to the conference title bout. The NFC is down, and the Cowboys must take advantage. If they can beat the Buccaneers at home, that will go a long way towards them being in the mix for the No. 1 seed. Cincinnati could be hungover, too.

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He may not play the most important position on the field, but Parsons is absolutely right in taking the early-season scheduling challenges in stride. Dallas should embrace the opportunity of taking on some of the best teams the NFL has to offer right out of the gate, in their building nonetheless. Dallas has not been to the Super Bowl since 1995, so why not try to buck that trend this season?

If the Cowboys ever want to evolve from being merely a glorified hype machine, they need to win big games like these two. It has been a long time since the Cowboys had a player like Parsons, one who can be a galvanizing presence to help shift the culture in a positive direction. Obviously, he cannot do this all on his own, but the Cowboys are certainly way better by having him on the team.

Win or lose, the Cowboys must approach their first two games of the year with Parson’s mindset.


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