Friday May 13, 2022

Moon Knight producer Grant Curtis has opened up about the show’s potential MCU cameos that didn’t make the cut.

While appearing on the Phaze Zero podcast, Curtis elaborated on why the team chose not to have the Eternals appear in the show. Last week news broke that at least one of the Eternals, Kingo, was set to appear in the show, but as Curtis notes, this was in the early days of production.

“Early days… It’s such an incredible universe that Kevin, Lou, Victoria have created over the years with obviously a lot of other incredible producers at Marvel. And the kneejerk reaction is to try to ask if you can play with all the toys, whoever that might be. 

We did realize early on is those connections just did not jive with the story we were telling, because… at Marvel, it’s character, character, character first and all of the shows at Marvel are truly intense character studies. And once we really started to wrestle with the character study that is Marc Spector, that is Steven Grant, that is Jake Lockley, and this crazy Egyptian god that’s manipulating them, Khonshu, the more those connectivity points just faded away and the more we have what you guys saw on screen. And I think we’ve got a better show for it… not a better show, that’s not the right term.”

Last week, Moon Knight writer Jeremy Slater shared that he wanted to get Kingo involved and that he would have appeared during a flashback sequence to ancient Egypt at the start of the series. In this scene, a former vessel of Khonshu would have teamed up with the Eternals, but ultimately they felt it would be too expensive to put together.

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While Moon knight didn’t include any crossovers with other MCU characters, the series still managed to garner high praise from fans and critics for its unique narrative and gripping story.

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The future of Moon Knight in the MCU right now isn’t clear, but perhaps we could still see the character alongside the Eternals in a future Marvel Studios production.


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