Saturday May 14, 2022

PlayStation Plus could be getting a number of Bloober Team games, including the rumored Silent Hill as per a recent deal.

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As per a new deal, Team Bloober has partnered with Sony to bring its games to PlayStation Plus. It is stated that the company “enters into a significant license and distribution agreement with Sony Interactive Entertainment for the distribution of selected issuer’s titles in the new distribution system.”

The Silence & The Fury Release Trailer | Total War: WARHAMMER II



The Silence & The Fury Release Trailer | Total War: WARHAMMER II





PlayStation Plus Silent Hill Speculation Sparks As Bloober Team Signs New Deal

Now, this is something that should come off as a surprise for fans, considering the fact that Team Bloober last released The Medium, which was a timed exclusive for the Xbox. While the game did eventually come out on the PlayStation 5 as well, that happened after some time. Sony seems to be going all out when it comes to expanding its PlayStation Plus library of games.

On paper, this might seem like a pretty normal deal, but there is much more to it if you keep into account recent rumors. Unless you have been living under a rock, you might be well aware of the fact that a Silent Hill game is being rumored to be in development. There was a massive leak yesterday, which leaked significant aspects of the game including some pictures. Konami filed a DMCA to take down the content, which pretty much gives away the credibility of the leak.

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Now, this Silent Hill game is being developed by Team Bloober, and in fact, there are not one but two games in development. This is a part of the partnership that Team Bloober entered into with Konami. Notably, the leaker who had leaked the Silent Hill stuff had stated that Sony is involved with the development of the game. If you join all the dots, it is very much likely that this development is for Silent Hill only. While this is purely speculation at this point, there is ample evidence to support this claim.

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