Friday May 13, 2022

Cars break all of the time and if you happen to be one of the millions in the world who drives a vehicle that’s not under warranty you’ll be fixing it with cash out of your own pocket. This week, I experienced that myself, and I’m hoping that one of you has a repair bill even larger than mine… but I kinda doubt it.

A couple of weeks ago just before going on a vacation, I was driving my Ford Flex down the road when I noticed a dramatic power decrease. Nothing sounded or felt foul but as a longtime turbocharged car owner, I could tell that for whatever reason I had no boost to speak of.

No warning lights were on though so I hoped it was just a charge pipe that had come loose or another boost leak of some type. A quick peek under the hood provided no results and again, everything sounded and looked fine so I got back in the car and began to slowly drive home. That’s when things got much worse.

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Coming to a stoplight the car died randomly. I tried to turn it back on and had to give it a little fuel to keep it running. The idle was rough suddenly and the check engine light confirmed that it was in fact still functioning by lighting up. Knowing that I was close to home I nursed it back but knew its next journey would be on a tow truck to the shop where I used to work.

The call with the bad news came yesterday and I’m about to be out about $6,000 for a new turbocharger, an entirely new timing kit, a new water pump, some new front-end parts, and a new set of tires. Some of those expenses are ones I had planned on as I’ve got another trip coming up but to say the very least I’m not as stoked for my summer as I was 48 hours ago.

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Thankfully, these issues shouldn’t be annual ones but it does make us wonder how much you’re all spending on your own vehicles each year. It could be that you’re a supercar owner who routinely spends thousands on an oil change. If so we want a clear idea of what that ownership really looks like. It’ll certainly make me feel better.


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