Tuesday June 28, 2022

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Capital murder suspect Casey White is likely to face new charges following his prison break, according to the DA prosecuting his case.

In the aftermath of his 10-day evasion — made possible with the help of correctional officer Vicky White, who died by suicide during a police chase — more details have emerged about how the couple managed to stay under the radar for more than week.

Dramatic police footage captured the moment a nationwide manhunt ended in Indiana earlier this week after White was apprehended and his prison guard lover Ms White’s body was pulled from a wrecked vehicle.

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Ms White, the 56-year-old corrections officer and White, an inmate serving a 75-year sentence for attempted murder, ended with a car chase and crash in Evansville. She died from what a coroner ruled to be a self-inflicted shooting wound.

White was taken into custody and told officers to help his “wife”, reports alleged. The pair were said to have been in a romantic relationship for about two years before breaking out of prison more than 10 days ago, and were unmarried.

A chilling 911 call released following the crash revealed Ms White telling the capital murder suspect: “Let’s get out and run”. She also appeared to blame White for wanting to stay “at a f****** motel” moments before their crash.

An investigation into the ordeal is still ongoing as police face mounting questions over how the fugitives evaded capture for over a week.


Brother of Casey White’s girlfriend who died by suicide said he ‘liked’ the fugitive

Tyler Rolin, the brother of Christy Lynn Shelton McKee, said he liked Casey White, who dated his sister before she died by suicide in 2008.

Ms McKee’s suicide is being re-examined now that White is back in police custody after his prison escape and 10-day run from authorities.

Mr Rolin told AL.com that he spent a good portion of his time with his sister and White, and said he liked the man and had a brotherly relationship with him.

“I did like him,’’ he said. “He would drink with me. I thought he was cool. It was like a little brother, big brother situation.”

Graig Graziosi13 May 2022 19:25


Brother of Casey White girlfriend who reportedly died by suicide says family doesn’t believe she killed herself

The brother of Christy Lynn Shelton McKee, a former girlfriend of murder suspect Casey White who died by suicide from a sawed off shotgun blast in 2008, says his family wants closure as her case is re-opened to examine whether or not White was involved.

At the time of her death White was ruled out as a possible suspect, but following his capture, that case has been re-opened.

White was previously charged with trying to kill his ex-girlfriend.

“In our hearts, we believe that she didn’t do that to herself,’’ Ms McKee’s brother, Tyler Rolin, told AL.com. “We need closure on that because we’ve never gotten it.”

Graig Graziosi13 May 2022 19:03


Casey White’s mother hits back at conspiracy theories that her son shot Vicky White

There have been some conspiratorial theories on social media suggesting that Casey White, the capital murder suspect who escaped prison and evaded police for 10 days, actually killed Alabama corrections officer Vicky White while they were fleeing law enforcement.

A coroner confirmed that Ms White died by suicide.

During an interview with the Daily Mail, White’s mother claimed her son would never hurt Ms White, who he referred to as his “wife” despite the couple not having been married.

“He’s very upset. I know he loved her. He talked to me for over a year about how he had a friend, how nice she was and how he loved her,” she said. “He never told me her name and I was shocked when I learned who it was, but he would never hurt her. I told the FBI and the Marshalls too that he would not hurt her.”

White was previously charged with attempting to murder his ex-girlfriend and previously was charged with a violent incident involving his mother.

Graig Graziosi13 May 2022 18:45


Casey White’s mother claims he is “devastated” by Vicky White’s death

Capital murder suspect Casey White’s mother spoke to the Daily Mail in an interview, claiming he son was “devastated” by the death of Alabama corrections officer Vicky White.

“They were just two people who really loved each other. It’s just so sad and I worry [for Casey],” she said. “I spoke to him yesterday and he was crying and saying he couldn’t believe she was gone.”

She claims the two had been involved in a secret romance for more than a year at the time of their capture.

Graig Graziosi13 May 2022 18:13


Unanswered questions Vicky White takes to the grave

What did Vicky White see in capital murder suspect Casey White? Why did she throw away a pension, a job where she was held in high esteem and, ultimately, her life, for a convicted killer?

While we may hear Casey White’s side of the story in the future, there are some questions whose answers Ms White takes with her to the grave.

Dive deeper into Ms White and what may have motivated her — and what questions are still unanswered — in Rachel Sharp’s story below:

Graig Graziosi13 May 2022 17:47


Casey White could face further charges over doomed prison escape, says prosecutor

Lauderdale County District Attorney Chris Connolly told The Independent that Casey White, 38, could face more charges in the wake of his prison break.

“I intend to prosecute him both for the capital murder and the escape and other related charges that we are looking at,” he said.

When asked if the additional charges could relate to Ms White’s death, the DA said he “couldn’t comment on that.”

For more on Casey White’s potential fate, read Rachel Sharp’s story below:

Graig Graziosi13 May 2022 16:58


Vicky White reportedly told a former inmate visiting the prison to ‘stay on the straight and narrow’ on the day she helped Casey White escape

Vicky White, the Alabama corrections officer that helped capital murder suspect Casey White escape prison, reportedly told a former inmate to “stay on the straight and narrow” during a visit that occurred just hours before she became a fugitive.

“Vicky spoke to my daughter and said how proud she was of her for getting her life back on track. She said how important it was to stay on the straight and narrow,” Ms Burbank said. “We’ve spoken about it since, and she’s thought about it, but she says Vicky was just like she always was. She gave no indication that anything was up. We’re all just shook.’

Graig Graziosi13 May 2022 15:43


Casey White has a long history of run-ins with the law…

Casey White is back behind bars in Alabama, where he was serving a 75-year prison sentence for a 2017 crime spree involving attempted murder and the shooting of a dog before breaking free with corrections officer Vicky White.

He is currently awaiting trial for the 2015 stabbing murder of a 58-year-old mother-of-two, Connie Ridgeway, and has pleaded not guilty in the case after initially pleading guilty, citing mental illness.

The 38-year-old has a long rap sheet going back two decades, when he was arrested over a domestic violence incident involving his own mother in 2006, writes Rachel Sharp:

Gino Spocchia13 May 2022 15:00


Video showed officers pulling Ms White from car

Footage released by Evansville Police Department on Tuesday night showed the moments before the 56-year-old corrections officer’s death and arrest of her 38-year-old lover, who was sent back to Alabama.

Officers can be seen taking White into custody and putting the capital murder suspect in handcuffs. Another police body camera video shows officers removing the body of Ms White from the car.

As Rachel Sharp reports, a gun was also retrieved, and a corner later ruled her death to be of a self-inflciteed wound.

Gino Spocchia13 May 2022 14:00


Prison break carried-out after successful dry run, police say

Vicky White and her inmate lover Casey White staged a dry run of their prison break prior to going on the run last month, according to law enforcement sources.

Two officials told the Associated Press that Ms White, 56, had taken the 38-year-old capital murder suspect out of Lauderdale County jail for 40 minutes and then returned him to his cell.

The couple then embarked on the real thing on 29 April, as Rachel Sharp reports:

Gino Spocchia13 May 2022 13:00


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