Friday May 13, 2022

Whilst it may only feel like Football Manager 2022 has just arrived, you can be certain that Football Manager 2023 is just around the corner.

With that in mind, we want to answer the burning question that all fans have had since Football Manager arrive on Xbox consoles: will FM23 be on the PS5?

Football Manager PlayStation


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Football Manager 2021 represented a huge change for the series, with FM arriving on the Xbox One.

Following a strong run in the first year – and a continuation of that success with FM22 – Football Manager 2023 looks certain to arrive on Xbox console this year.

But what about PlayStation?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Football Manager fans on Sony consoles will be able to access the game any time soon.

In 2020, SI gaffer Miles Jacobson took to Twitter to confirm that Xbox had been continually asking when FM would be returning to consoles.


Clearly, Sony didn’t ask the same questions, hence why Football Manager has only launched on the Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S in the last couple of years.

Never say never, but right now it looks unlikely that everyone’s favourite management simulator will be coming to PlayStation this year.

FM23 Xbox Edition

A version for Microsoft’s console will once again be available after successful runs during both FM21 and FM22.

FM23 Xbox will offer a more streamlined version of the full game, giving fans the chance to experience the delights of FM without having to delve deep into some of the more advanced features.

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