Saturday May 14, 2022

The Jeeps and Thar have been very successful in our market. Mahindra is one of the manufacturers that make hardcore off-road vehicles. However, off-roading can go wrong sometimes. Here, we have one such video of a Mahindra Jeep that rolls over while off-roading.

The video starts with the Jeep rolling over and we can also see that there are people sitting inside it. Fortunately, the Jeep stops rolling over and is the right way up. People rush to help the occupants but the driver starts moving the off-roader forward. The Jeep is climbing the steep hill quite aggressively without stopping.

It seems like no one was injured in the accident. What is important in such a case is that the occupants keep their hands inside the vehicle at all times. This will increase the chances that the hands of the occupants do not get crushed by the roof of the vehicle while rolling. Also, the driver should hold the steering wheel with the wheel itself and not the spokes because if the driver is holding the steering wheel through the spokes, the kickback from the tyres could break the fingers.

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Mahindra Jeep rolls over – and recovers – while off-roading [Video]

The driver ensured that the SUV does not lose momentum. Momentum is what helps in keeping the SUV going up the hill and ensures that the tyres do not lose traction. Moreover, it is important that the driver knows what his vehicle is capable of and it is fitted with the right set of tyres. In the video, we can see that the driver is using off-road spec tyres. The treads of off-road spec tyres are designed specially to have more traction in mud, dusty and tricky conditions.

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Mahindra Jeep rolls over – and recovers – while off-roading [Video]

While off-roading it is important that you carry shovels and traction boards as they will help a lot in case the vehicle gets stuck. A basic medical kit should always be there in the vehicle as off-roading can be unpredictable and anything can happen. Moreover, if the vehicle’s wheels start spinning you should stop accelerating because that will just dig an even bigger hole and it would become even more difficult to come out of it.

Mahindra Jeep rolls over – and recovers – while off-roading [Video]

If you have to cross a river or a stream then you should first check the depth of the steam. You can do it through a stick too. You need to make sure that your engine does not get flooded because if water enters your engine that means the vehicle will get stuck and you will need to tow your vehicle. Moreover, you would have to spend a hefty amount on rebuilding the engine.

Mahindra Jeep rolls over – and recovers – while off-roading [Video]

If you would notice, the SUV started rolling when the driver started its climb. He was driving across the hill and we can see that the SUV has been lifted. All of this makes the centre of gravity quite high which makes it easier for the SUV to roll over. So, if you ever have to go downhill or uphill, it is always preferred that you go straight.


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