Saturday May 14, 2022

WandaVision was Disney+’s first attempt at a Marvel television series and it was a hit! It won multiple awards and got countless nominations, it was a great beginning to the new age of Marvel tv on the streaming platform. In newly released concept art for Disney+’s, WandaVision, we see a new look at some of the famous scenes from the series, and even some that didn’t make the final cut.

This image seems to take place during Wanda’s initial creation of Westview and her perfectly picturesque home. He’s rebuilding, or more so, Wanda is rebuilding him into the man she once loved. It’s an incredibly intricate look at the inner workings of Vision and shows exactly what he’s made of (literally). It’s a stunning visual to see the two halves of him merging back into one.

In this new photo we see what looks to be Vision falling/disintegrating out of the sky. If I had to guess, I would say it’s during a battle with either Wanda and she decides to start over with him or a battle with White Vision when Wanda destroys the hex, therefore destroying Vision too. The bits of him disappearing and flying off are most likely showing off Wanda’s reality warping powers as a hint to what she’ll eventually grow into.

Finally, we have art of what looks to be Wanda and Agatha looking at Wanda’s children who are also now disintegrating. This leaves us wondering who’s using this power considering Wanda wants nothing more than to be with her children.

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These stills leave a lot of questions as to what the original ideas for the series were. Was it supposed to be darker? Or are these just alternatives to what we saw in the show? Whatever they are, they look amazing and I know I’d love to see them used someday.

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