Saturday May 14, 2022

Jeff Grubb believes that Silent Hill could be a PS5-exclusive game, but f that’s true, who could be the developer of this new project?

It’s been a while since we have been hearing rumors around the development of a new Silent Hill game, but nothing official has come yet.

AestheticGamer, a well-known leaker on Twitter, shared some screenshots recently, claiming that they had been captured from the 2020 build of Silent Hill. The leaker’s account was locked out by Twitter soon after sharing these images due to copyright issues, which further strengthened the existence of a Silent Hill project.

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Furthermore, AestheticGamer pointed out that there are more Silent Hill-related projects in the works, which could hint at outsourcing at least one entry from the franchise.

Stellaris: Overlord Expansion | Release Trailer



Stellaris: Overlord Expansion | Release Trailer





Jeff Grubb Believes There is a Strong Chance of Silent Hill Being a PS5-Exclusive

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Only a few days after AestheticGamer’s leak, when someone asked Jeff Grubb about the possibility of Silent Hill‘s PS5 exclusivity, he all but confirmed that this could be the case for the next Silent Hill title.

While it’s yet to be seen who develops the next Silent Hill entry, it is not surprising if Sony reaches out to Konami for an exclusivity deal as both companies have had good relationships. Even a timed exclusive could greatly benefit Sony.

It might sound unrealistic but even Kojima Productions could be involved in the Silent Hill projects as we know that the studio has already started working on a new game.

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Now, the main question is when we can expect the official announcement for this mysterious project. Judging based on the previous years, Sony will probably avoid holding a showcase in June most of the companies are ready to show off their games, but we can expect them to have a brief show later in May, or a big one later in Summer 2022.

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If Silent Hill gets announced as a PS5-exclusive this year, this could be another huge disappointment for Xbox fans after the unexpected delay of Starfield and RedFall. That being said, Microsoft should have some great surprises up its sleeve for the June 2022 showcase.

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