Saturday May 14, 2022

Romanian tennis star Simona Halep shared a message to her fans, showing her grattitude to those who have been a support over the years. Halep, 30, has had a great career as she is a two-time Grand Slam champion and has been ranked at No.

1 in the world. Halep has definitely had some great moments throughout her career but there were definitely times when it was far from great for her. For example, Halep lost her first Grand Slam finals and she started fearing she would never achieve her dream of winning a Grand Slam.

However, fans and those close to Halep never let her lose give up on her dreams and she eventually achieved her goals. “Throughout all my career I fought for what I believed in and what I wanted to achieve. I will always do so, through the ups and downs.

The unconditional support that I receive from many of you mean the world to me. Thank you, the fight goes on,” Halep wrote on Twitter.

Coach Patrick Mouratoglou to Halep

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“Proud to be going through all this process with you @Simona_Halep,” Mouratoglou responded to Halep’s tweet.

In a recent interview, Halep admitted she hit a dark period after sustaining a calf injury in 2021.

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The calf injury Halep sustained forced her to withdraw from the French Open, Wimbledon and the Tokyo Olympics. Missing three major events wasn’t an easy pill to swallow for Halep. Still, Halep decided to kick off her 2022 season in Australia but even then the doubts were still there.

However, those doubts are past Halep as she recently hired coach Mouratoglou. Halep noted that she wants to return to winning Grand Slams and making big results and that’s why she added Mouratoglou to her team. Halep will be aiming to win her third Grand Slam title at this year’s French Open.


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