Sunday May 15, 2022

The Last of Us TV Show is being eagerly anticipated by fans all across the world, and we have received fresh set of pictures from the set.

The Last of Us franchise has been quite a benchmark for the franchise in terms of the narrative. While the first game perfected the entire father-child dynamic which was emulated in several other games after that, the second game took some surprising decisions. The latter did attract a fair bit of criticism due to its bold narrative, but it did manage to convey a message which managed to leave a mark on the players. Sony seems to be interested in bringing its masterpiece storyline to the reel as well, and that led to the birth of The Last of Us TV show.

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Announced back in 2020, the Last of Us TV show will be covering the events of the critically acclaimed title along with its sequel. With this being the first show that is being produced by PlayStation Productions, there is no doubt a lot of expectations attached to the show. Fans have been waiting for more development updates, and today some new visuals have surfaced.

The Last of Us Part II – Official Launch Trailer | PS4



The Last of Us Part II – Official Launch Trailer | PS4





The Last Of Us TV Series’ Latest Set Photos Portray Breathtaking Visuals

In the recent visuals, we see the post-apocalyptic backdrop of The Last of Us, filled with broken cars, and small rugged cottages. It is absolutely praiseworthy how well the production has managed to replicate the theme of the game in real life, considering that one would easily find the entire setting familiar if they have played the game.

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In fact, fans have already started guessing which part of the story the picture depicts. One user mentions that it is likely the section where Joel/Ellie & Henry/Sam are exploring the area with snipers surrounding the place. This does make a lot of sense and was reaffirmed by other fans as well since that area in the game did have a very similar setting.

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It’s still a while before HBO’s The Last of Us releases, but until then, fans are getting enough visuals from the set to keep the hype train going.

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