Sunday May 15, 2022

WIT Studio is set to bring another anime series, and unlike its ongoing Spy x Family series, the Japanese studio is going back to its dark roots with Vampire in the Garden.

Vampire in the Garden isn’t a traditional vampire story that we’ve usually seen in Hollywood movies. It’s about a world where humans and vampires lived together; however, the war between both communities was inevitable. Vampires won on the battlefield, and the remaining human survivors created a colony and kept the vampires out through lights. In the colony, Momo, the series’ protagonist, looks for the paradise where vampires and humans once co-excited in harmony. In his journey, Momo also finds Fine, the Vampire Queen who always had a deep love for humans.

The new anime series is coming from the same studio that gave us the incredible first seasons of Attack on Titan. Apart from that, Wit Studio has also worked on Vinland Saga. Now, it’s almost time for us to witness the studio’s work on the upcoming Netflix project.

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Vampire in the Garden | Trailer | Netflix Anime



Vampire in the Garden | Trailer | Netflix Anime





Vampire in the Garden Release Time & Date

Vampire in the Garden is scheduled to release worldwide on Sunday, May 16th, 2022, at 12 AM PDT (Pacific Timing).

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The show will be available to watch exclusively on Netflix, and the series’ release time will vary depending on your region. So, here’s the exact release schedule you need to follow for these time zones:

  • Pacific Time: 12:00 AM PDT (May 16th)
  • Central Time: 2:00 AM CDT (May 16th)
  • Eastern Time: 3:00 AM EDT (May 16th)
  • British Time:  8:00 AM GMT (May 16th)
  • European Time: 9:00 AM CEST (May 16th)
  • Indian Time: 12:30 PM IST (May 16th)
  • Japan Time: 4:00 PM JST (May 16th)
  • Australian Time: 5:00 PM AEST (May 16th)
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Initially, Vampire in the Garden was set to premiere worldwide in 2021; however, the coronavirus pandemic affected the tv show’s release. Of course, the delay affected the anime’s hype in the community, but after a long wait, Wit Studio is finally ready to bring its new project to us.

Meet the Cast of Vampire in the Garden

  • Mom (Voiced by Megumi Han, popular for his role in Hunter x Hunter as Gon)
  • Fine (voiced by Yū Kobayashi, known for her voice acting in Attack on Titan)
  • Allegro (Voiced by Chiaki Kobayashi, famous for his work in Gundam Build Divers Re: Rise)
  • Nobara (Voiced by Rika Fukami, known for her work in Final Fantasy XII)
  • Kubo (Voiced by Hiroki Tōchi, who was also the voice of Nathan Drake in Uncharted’s Japanese Dub)

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