Wednesday July 6, 2022

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Callie Caplan @CallieCaplan
Steph Curry didn’t grade Luka Doncic’s Q1 buzzer shimmy — yet: “I didn’t see it. I’ll do some homework and I’ll get back to you on that one.” – 1:33 AM

Connor Letourneau @Con_Chron
Klay Thompson on Andrew Wiggins: “What a game he had tonight. He was looking like Dominique Wilkins out there with the dunks he was throwing down.” – 12:36 AM
Monte Poole @MontePooleNBCS
‘He was looking like Dominique Wilkins out there.’ – Warriors G Klay Thompson on Andrew Wiggins’ posterization of Mavericks star Luka Doncic – 12:35 AM

Ben Golliver @BenGolliver
Draymond Green on Andrew Wiggins’ dunk on Luka Doncic: “He’s got a couple posters this playoffs. That one was on Luka, so it means more. When you get a poster on a superstar like that, it just means a little bit more.” AM

Connor Letourneau @Con_Chron
Draymond Green on Andrew Wiggins’ poster dunk: “Absolutely incredible. He’s been attacking like that … And that one’s on Luka, so it just means more.” – 12:28 AM

Ohm Youngmisuk @NotoriousOHM
Pointing out that they know Dallas has a Hall of Famer coaching the Mavs and a future Hall of Famer in Luka, Draymond said Warriors knew this was the game to get in Dallas because Mavs won’t quit: “We kind of went all-in on this one.” – 12:23 AM
Shaun Powell @Powell2daPeople
It doesn’t necessarily get easier for Luka and the Mavs next year. Remember, Clippers and Nuggets will be full strength. Pelicans get Zion. Nothing is guaranteed. – 12:18 AM

Callie Caplan @CallieCaplan
Luka Doncic on Andrew Wiggins’ Q4 dunk over him: “That was impressive. I’m not going to lie. I saw the video again, and I was like, ‘Ooof.’ I wish I had those bunnies.” – 12:12 AM

Callie Caplan @CallieCaplan
Luka Doncic: “The first three quarters, I played very bad. That’s on me. I’m still learning. I think after this season is done, whenever we are, I’m going to look back and learn a lot of things. This is my first conference finals in NBA. I’m 23, man. I’m still learning a lot.” – 12:08 AM
Jimmy Spencer @JimmySpencer
Just finished my recording of the Warriors – Mavericks game and I have notes:
Andrew Wiggins! Wow. Best postseason dunk since @Baron Davis !
I do wish official Marc Davis who missed the Draymond backcourt call then T’d him up for it also didn’t miss that call too. Replay win. – 12:08 AM

Sam Vecenie @Sam_Vecenie
Andrew Wiggins being a 16-game player has been huge for the Warriors. Great example of environmental development. Wiggins has gotten awesome at the stuff needed to be a valuable role player (defense, spot shooting) while still being able to take on big offensive moments sometimes – 12:04 AM
Law Murray @LawMurrayTheNU
They really traded D’Angelo Russell, Omari Spellman, Jacob Evans to get Andrew Wiggins, a pick that became Jonathan Kuminga, and a pick that helped them get a year of Kelly Oubre Jr. – 11:57 PM
Kerith Burke @KerithBurke
Andrew Wiggins: New career high in playoff scoring (27) and he did it with only one three.
Also had 11 rebounds and guarded Luka on a night he played 40 mins. – 11:55 PM

Chris Palmer @ChrisPalmerNBA
Mavs rely more on one player than any other team in the league. Asking Luka to do too much. One player can’t carry you to The Finals. Porzingis would have made a big difference in this series. – 11:47 PM

Michael Dugat @mdug
Can’t say I expected the Mavs role players to be as bad as they were at home.
Dinwiddie showed up, but I guess it’s too late.
Brunson was mostly good.
Luka good.
That’s it. In the Conference Finals, that’s not enough. – 11:44 PM

Shaun Powell @Powell2daPeople
Distressed assets moved the last 5 years: Anthony Davis, Harden, CP3, Kawhi from the Spurs, etc., etc., to name a few. That’s what Dallas must find for Luka. – 11:43 PM

J. Michael Falgoust @ThisIsJMichael
Wiggins was phenomenal. Of course this is where the half wits appear to say bc he might be MVP of this series that disqualifies anything Curry has done and proves he’s still overrated over a subjective assertion 🙄 – 11:43 PM

Monte Poole @MontePooleNBCS
Game 3 final: Warriors 109, Mavericks 100
-Curry 31 and 11a, Wiggins 27 and 11r
-Formula: Dogged defense, timely offense and exploiting a dog-tired opponent
-They want the sweep, because they understand the value of resting and re-setting – 11:41 PM
Jay King @ByJayKing
Been fun watching Wiggins during this playoff run. That dude has always been such a talent. Now he’s a winner. Plays both ends. Competes. Has been such a great fit for the Warriors. Hard to believe they got off D’Angelo’s contract while landing him and a first. – 11:41 PM

David Hardisty @clutchfans
Just another reminder as the Warriors head towards a sweep of Luka and the Mavs: The Suns really should have traded for Eric Gordon. – 11:40 PM
Dan Favale @danfavale
andrew wiggins went from “talent maddeningly unfulfilled” to “steph curry just called him ‘incredible’ after a western conference finals win” – 11:40 PM

Christos Tsaltas @Tsaltas46
Andrew Wiggins vs Mavericks (Game 3)
27 points
11 rebounds
11/20 FG
3 assists
0 turnovers
39 minutes
Big time, his first career 20-point, 10-rebound Playoff game. Warrios lead 3-0 and they’re one step away from the 2022 NBA Finals! #GoldBlooded #NBAPlayoffs PM

Dane Moore @DaneMooreNBA
Reggie just dowsed Luka only winning 2 of the 8 times he’s had 40 so bad that I think we can skip the whole should Luka be more of a creator conversation on here – 11:38 PM
Anthony Slater @anthonyVslater
Warriors go up 3-0 on the Mavericks. They’re a win from the Finals.
-Steph Curry: 31 points, 11 assists, 5 rebounds
-Andrew Wiggins: 27 points, 11 rebounds, poster dunk and point man defending Luka – 11:38 PM

Tim MacMahon @espn_macmahon
Luka Doncic scored 21 of his 40 points in the fourth quarter, but it wasn’t enough for the Mavs to make a comeback against the Warriors. Dallas is now 2-6 when Doncic scores 40+ in the playoffs in his career. – 11:37 PM
Melissa Rohlin @melissarohlin
Andrew Wiggins with another monster game this series. After helping stop Luka in Game 1 with spectacular defense, he had the highest plus-minus of anyone on the court (+22) in Game 3, finishing with 27 points and 11 rebounds to give the Warriors a 3-0 series lead in the WCF. – 11:37 PM

Mike Prada @MikePradaNBA
Luka is gassed. No resistance on that Klay drive. It’s amazing to see the effect of all those Warriors body blows. – 11:34 PM
Ryan McDonough @McDNBA
Andrew Wiggins is why teams never stop evaluating players, even NBA veterans
At 27 years old, Wiggs has finally developed into a heck of a two-way player – 11:34 PM

Michael Dugat @mdug
Is it selfish, if it’s going to be a sweep anyway, to want Luka to say fuck it and just try to score 60 next game? – 11:33 PM
Anthony Slater @anthonyVslater
Steve Kerr’s urgency has been high all night, sensing a kill shot in this series. Just took a timeout after Luka Doncic hit a 3 to bring Dallas within eight with 1:49 left. Getting on Curry for a defensive mistake. – 11:31 PM

Micah Adams @MicahAdams13
Andrew Wiggins is making a bigger impact on a stage that neither Joel Embiid nor Jabari Parker have ever reached.
David Kahn’s stock has never been higher. – 11:29 PM
Vivek Jacob @vivekmjacob
We can move on from the No. 1 pick expectations and the Maple Jordan hype. Andrew Wiggins is just a damn good basketball player that Canada should be very proud of. – 11:27 PM
Marc Stein @TheSteinLine
Andrew Wiggins followed his poster for the ages with a lefty tip dunk and now has a career-playoff-high 22 points to go with 11 rebounds. What a series for the Warriors’ No. 22 … – 11:26 PM

James Boyd @RomeovilleKid
Reggie and SVG keep saying they haven’t seen this Wiggins before. Lol this is VAXXED Wiggins. That man’s immune system is thriving. He’s new and improved! 😂 – 11:24 PM

Eddie Sefko @ESefko
Andrew Wiggins is having a monster night. He’s now got 22 points, 10 rebounds and 3 assists. Plus maybe the best dunk of the playoffs. – 11:22 PM

Matt Dery @DerySpeaks
Man. I hope Luka is ok. Golly gee that invisible hit to his face was pretty brutal. Now we get four minutes of commercials. – 11:20 PM

Law Murray @LawMurrayTheNU
Luka vertical already 20-something inches… he’s never jumping again after Andrew Wiggins put him in an overturned mausoleum – 11:20 PM

Tim MacMahon @espn_macmahon
Steve Kerr’s challenge of the refs’ call was successful. Luka Doncic’s challenge of Andrew Wiggins’ dunk definitely was not. – 11:19 PM

James Boyd @RomeovilleKid
Lol for that poster alone, Luka should be focusing on his body all summer. Only a few can jump with Wiggins, but bro I ain’t even have a chance. 😂😂 – 11:18 PM

Sean Cunningham @SeanCunningham
No chance that was an offensive foul by Andrew Wiggins. Marc Davis is trippin’. Just a poster that will soon be on the wall of every Warriors fan everywhere. – 11:18 PM
Eddie Sefko @ESefko
Outrageous dunk by Andrew Wiggins over Luka. But he clocked Luka pretty good in the face with the off arm. Going to be interesting to see how this one turns out. Luka was in the restricted zone. – 11:18 PM

Ky Carlin @Ky_Carlin
Did they really just call that Andrew Wiggins dunk an offensive foul!? Are you serious? Lmao how’re you gonna take away an absolute monster dunk? – 11:17 PM

CJ Holmes @CjHolmes22
Andrew Wiggins just ended a man’s career right in front of my eyes, but was called for an offensive foul. Steve Kerr is challenging.
My. God. – 11:17 PM

Salman Ali @SalmanAliNBA
This type of team (Luka + shooters/defenders) has a ceiling in postseason play. It’s basically the 2014-15 or 2016-17 Rockets. Mavs need to start positioning themselves for a star hunt. – 11:16 PM

James Boyd @RomeovilleKid
Lol every time I look at Wiggins, I think about how he didn’t want to get vaccinated. He eventually got those shots and is having the best year of his career. 😂😂 – 11:02 PM
Connor Letourneau @Con_Chron
Has Andrew Wiggins been the Warriors’ best player this postseason? He has, right? Been such a force on both ends. 17 points, 10 rebounds and 2 assists in 28 minutes so far tonight. – 11:00 PM
Harrison Wind @HarrisonWind
So impressed by Andrew Wiggins in these playoffs. Bought into his role and became a perfect compliment to Steph/Klay/Poole. Cut his shot attempts and upped his rebounding in the postseason. Playing his ass off on defense. Role players around the league should take notice. – 10:58 PM
Anthony Slater @anthonyVslater
Warriors up 10 heading to the 4Q with a chance to go up 3-0 on the Mavericks. Jason Kidd subbed Luka Doncic out early in 3Q, which means he should have a chunk of time to open 4th against a Warriors lineup without Curry. Series defining stretch for Dallas. – 10:56 PM
Marcus Thompson @ThompsonScribe
With still a full quarter to play, a look at these high minute totals:
Bullock 32
Curry 31
Finney-Smith 31
Wiggins 28
Dončić 28
Brunson 28
Green 27
Looney 27
Thompson 27
Kleiber 21
Dinwiddie 20 – 10:56 PM
Connor Letourneau @Con_Chron
Warriors showing a lot of faith in Moses Moody, who’s guarding Luka Doncic in the box-and-1. Big moment for the 19-year-old rookie. – 10:49 PM

Anthony Slater @anthonyVslater
Looks like the Warriors are going to a box-and-1 with Moses Moody on Luka Doncic. Draymond Green was giving Moody instructions on how to guard Luka before Moody entered. – 10:44 PM
Kamenetzky Brothers @KamBrothers
Wiggins has been such a great story this season. Really cool to see him find a comfort zone, then provide significant utility for a good team. AK – 10:42 PM
Michael Dugat @mdug
I feel like Green has decided Luka plays better mad and has gone out of the way to keep things “friendly” … competitive, but clean. – 10:36 PM

Chuck Cooperstein @coopmavs
On a night where they again can’t make open 3ptrs (6-25 in 1st half). And where officials are willing to call fouls. Mavs (and esp Luka) have GOT to keep trying to finish at the rim rather than passing out of 3.Mavs 15-20 FT. GS 7-7 – 10:17 PM
Dane Moore @DaneMooreNBA
Wiggins wasn’t an efficient player in Minnesota, but he always had volume
So it’s not exactly surprising that he looks/feels comfortable taking 12+ shots in a half. He’s done it a million times. And it’s not like those million times were all inefficient. Sometimes he was awesome – 10:16 PM
Chuck Cooperstein @coopmavs
Back and forth 1st half. GS led by 12 early, Mavs then led by as many as 9 as they again won the Doncic-less 2nd qtr minutes. But Warriors w/15-6 run to end half to lead 48-47. Curry w/16. Doncic 15. 2nd half soon @theeagledallas10:15 PM

Law Murray @LawMurrayTheNU
Warriors up only 48-47 with Mavericks shooting 34.2% FGs.
Dallas in good shape if Doncic can find his non-free throw offense (3/9 FGs, 1 assist, 2 turnovers) and if Bullock/Finney-Smith can make some 3s (1/9 3s combined) – 10:11 PM
Anthony Slater @anthonyVslater
The Warriors starting lineup — Curry, Klay, Wiggins, Draymond, Looney — was a +15 in the first half. They went +7 the first eight minutes of the game and +8 the final four minutes of the first half. All other GSW lineups a cumulative -14. – 10:09 PM

CJ Holmes @CjHolmes22
It appears Golden State’s offense has returned, as they’ve utilized a nice run to retake the lead 43-42 with 2:01 left in the half.
Other news: Jordan Poole and Luka Doncic had to be separated during a timeout. – 10:03 PM
Tim MacMahon @espn_macmahon
Luka Doncic had some words for Juan Toscano-Anderson during the timeout and was held back from getting in his face. Draymond Green and Tim Hardaway Jr. then exchanged mean words from about 40 feet away. – 10:02 PM
Kane Pitman @KanePitman
We’ve got an old fashioned smile off between Steph and Luka! Which smile will be more irritating for the opponent when it’s all said and done? 😄 – 10:02 PM
Callie Caplan @CallieCaplan
Teammates just had to forcibly hold Luka Doncic back from charging at Jordan Poole and Draymond Green.
Tim Hardaway Jr. and Reggie Bullock come up to join the shouting, too. – 10:02 PM
Anthony Slater @anthonyVslater
Luka Doncic going after Juan Toscano-Anderson as the teams separate into the huddles. Referees step in between. Now Draymond Green yelling down at Doncic and the entire Mavericks bench. – 10:02 PM
Kendra Andrews @kendra__andrews
Luka Doncic is having to be held back by teammates after going after Juan Toscano-Anderson for the Warriors’ celebration for Steph Curry’s three-pointer. – 10:02 PM

Eddie Sefko @ESefko
Mavericks get a much-needed jolt with Luka’s buzzer beater at the end of the first quarter from about 35 feet. But that improved their 3-point shooting to only 3-of-14 (21 percent). They trail 25-22 as Steph Curry has eight points. – 9:32 PM
Ohm Youngmisuk @NotoriousOHM
Dallas got off to a slow start but finishes quarter with Luka dancing through the Golden State defense before burying a 32-footer at the buzzer. Mavs only down 25-22 after Golden State led by 12. – 9:31 PM

Nick Wright @getnickwright
Absolutely massive end of quarter swing. Steph takes a foolish, early in the clock deep 3, and Luka makes that insanity.
Dallas being down just 3 after *that* quarter feels like a minor miracle.
Now, let’s see who wins the non-Luka/non-Steph minutes. – 9:30 PM

Jason Dumas @JDumasReports
Tough end to a quarter where it felt like the Warriors completely outplayed Dallas. Should be up more.
This crowd just got some life. Been pretty lifeless and quiet all quarter up to that Luka shot. – 9:30 PM

Brad Townsend @townbrad
Surprising play by Doncic, feeding Bullock in the post. He knows that’s not Bullock’s strong suit . . . and then Doncic makes an outrageous shot to end the first quarter. Might be the spark Dallas needs. It sure awakened the fans. – 9:30 PM

Krishna Narsu @knarsu3
Top 5 + 1 in Short Mid-Range FG% in the playoffs with a minimum of 50 shot attempts:
1. Jokic 68.97% (58)
2. Steph 60.66% (61)
3. CP3 57.41% (54)
4. Ayton 54.43% (79)
5. Jimmy Buckets 50% (60)
6. Luka 49.47% (95) – 8:49 PM

Brad Townsend @townbrad
Pinson’s already at it. Wiggins finished warming up and as he walked off the court Pinson heckled him. Wiggins laughed. – 7:57 PM

CJ Holmes @CjHolmes22
Andrew Wiggins said his ankle is feeling better, just suffered a little tweak in Game 2. Won’t affect his lateral mobility. – 1:14 PM
CJ Holmes @CjHolmes22
Andrew Wiggins went through shoot around this morning and he’s “good to go” for Game 3 tonight. – 12:57 PM

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