Wednesday June 29, 2022

The Genshin Impact 2.8 Livestream will be our first official look at what’s coming in the game’s next update, and it’s coming soon!

Hoyoverse’s Special Program breaks down details of what players can expect in the new update’s banners, events, and overall story.

With that, here’s everything you need to know about the Version 2.8 Livestream, including when it begins, and where you can watch it live.

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Genshin Impact 2.8 Livestream Release Date

The Version 2.8 Special Program is expected on Friday, July 1, 2022, at 8 pm server time (Chinese Standard Time).

In other time zones, this translates to:

  • July 1, 2022, 8 am EST
  • July 1, 2022, 5 am PT
  • July 1, 2022, 1 pm GMT


Where to Watch

The Genshin Impact 2.8 Livestream is broadcasted on the Genshin Impact Twitch Channel.

If players miss the live version, the Special Program will also be available on the Genshin Impact YouTube Channel around 11 am EST the same day. Just be quick, as some of the freebies offered during the stream are only available for a limited time!

What to Expect?

The Genshin Impact 2.8 Livestream will reveal the look of the updated version of the Golden Apple Archipelago in its return to the game.

During this update, we will also see the return of characters that have waited more than a year for a rerun, and Hoyoverse will give out some special Promo Codes all the while.


Genshin Impact 2.8 Livestream Promo Codes (Free Primogems)

During the version 2.8 Special Program, Genshin Impact will publish three promo codes good for 300 Primogems and Ascension Materials.

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These Promo Codes expire the same day as they stream, so we recommend staying tuned as we will publish them right after they are announced.

Genshin Impact 2.8 Cover, including Fischl, Kazuha, Mona and Xinyan

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Genshin Impact 2.8 Cover, including Fischl, Kazuha, Mona and Xinyan

Character and Weapon Banners

  • Genshin Impact 2.8 is full of rerun banners, the characters making a return are Kazuha, Yoimiya, and Klee.
  • Version 2.8 will also mark the debut of Heizou, the last new character before Sumeru.
  • The first weapon Banner will feature the Freedom Sworn Sword and the Catalyst Lost Prayer to the Sacred Wings
  • For the second weapon banner, we have the Bow Thundering Pulse.
  • Leaks indicate we are receiving a 4-star sword, but the name is still unknown.


Events and Stories

  • Kazuha is receiving a story quest, and we will have a new Hangout Series featuring Heizou.
  • Summertime Odyssey:
    • The main event will feature Kazuha, Mona, Xinyan, and Fischl.
    • Each of these four characters will have their very own domain.
    • Players can obtain Fischl and her new skin as part of the rewards.
  • Hidden Strife
    • This will be a new combat challenge that will feature Diluc and the Dawn Winery.
    • There are no trail characters for this event.
  • Waverider racing and painting are also rumored to arrive in upcoming events, though little has been said about them yet.


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