Monday June 27, 2022

A seven-year-old girl has died in hospital two days after being rescued from a hotel pool in Majorca.

The young girl, who is understood to be from Northern Ireland, was rushed to an intensive care unit “in a critical condition” on Monday after she was rescued after drowning.

According to local media reports the girl died at Son Espases Hospital in the island capital Palma. A routine police investigation has been launched into Monday’s incident at the four-star HYB Eurocalas Hotel in the east coast resort of Calas de Mallorca.

The unnamed girl’s parents were last night said to be receiving professional grief counselling to help them cope with their loss.

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In a statement, a spokesperson for the Department of Foreign Affairs said it was “aware of the case”. The spokesperson added that they were “providing all possible consular assistance.” However, they would “not comment on the details of any specific case”.

A spokeswoman for a regional government-run emergency coordination centre in Majorca had said on Tuesday: “We took a call around 3.40pm on Monday.

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Police have launched an investigation into the incident which occurred at HYB Eurocalas Hotel

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Police have launched an investigation into the incident which occurred at HYB Eurocalas Hotel

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“Lifeguards performed CPR on her after pulling her out of the water because she had gone into cardiac arrest.

“Paramedics continued to try to revive her after reaching the scene and got her breathing again in the back of the ambulance. She was taken to Son Espases Hospital.”

Last month, a British toddler drowned in a swimming pool accident in Costa Blanca.

Freddie Joseph Briggs died in the pool at his parents’ home in the village of Aigues near Benidorm on May 25, leading the local council to declare three days of mourning.

Tributes were paid to the 19-month-old boy at his funeral service at a church in Belfast where he was christened before he was buried at a nearby cemetery.

Father Thomas McGlynn told mourners at the service the youngster brought happiness to those around him and enjoyed his short life “to the very full.”


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