Monday June 27, 2022

With the upcoming release of Prey, a new Predator movie will soon be stalking the screen. Throughout the franchise’s history, Predators with varying forms hunt the human protagonists. But every type of Predator variant seen in the movies has one thing in common: dreadlocks. Superficially, these braid-like appendages do resemble human hair. The color of the dreadlocks varies from individual to individual, as can braid length and style. The Yautja elder featured at the end of Alien vs. Predator has grey, hair-like spikes on his face and grey dreadlocks. But despite these similarities, the dreadlocks are not hair at all and actually serve a distinctive function.

Stan Winston, the special make-up effects creator and special effects supervisor who designed the original Predator, called the dreadlocks “quills“. Winston envisaged the dreadlocks as feather-like and akin to the quills of a porcupine. However, thanks to the creature’s numerous multimedia appearances, many viewers now believe that the quills function in the same way as human hair and are more decorative than functional. In fact, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

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Predator dreadlocks are actually an essential part of their sensory system. The expanded universe of Predator comic books, games, and novels reveals that the hair-like appendages are flesh and blood sensory organs. They bleed if cut and are vital to Yautja awareness. These enhanced senses help explain why, even without the high-tech weaponry, armor, and gadgets seen in the films, the Yautja have superb reflexes, balance, and hunting abilities.

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The expanded universe also reveals details suggesting the dreadlock-like appendages are significant in Yautja mating customs. As a species, predators are polyamorous. The more skilled a Yautja is in battle, the more mates they will have. This provides yet another reason as to why, as a species, the predators are so obsessed with proving their valor. But the appendages also attract sexual partners, with inferences that male Yautja find females with longer dreadlocks more appealing.

The new Prey trailer hides the Predator’s appearance. Beyond a few glimpses, the film’s antagonist goes unseen. While this could be a strategy to raise audience anticipation, the trailer may be concealing a bigger surprise for fans of the franchise. There is speculation that this time, the central predator character will be female, just as the film’s protagonist, Naru, is a female warrior. There may be stylistic changes too, and potentially the iconic dreadlocks will have a new design. Previous incarnations of the Predator have had black, red, blue, and brown dreadlocks. The Yautja stalking Naru may feature sensory appendage deadlocks of an even more striking form.

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