Monday June 27, 2022

The Boys Season 3 gave us several incredible moments in the first five episodes. After struggling for years, Homelander finally took control of Vought by framing Stan Edgar for corruption. Now, there’s no one in America to stand up against the maniac superhero. Homelander’s recklessness forces Butcher and Hughie to break their own rules. The duo gets comfortable with Compound V, which gives them temporary powers.

On top of that, Butcher betrays Mother’s Milk and teams up with the Soldier Boy, the very man who killed Marvin’s family. Now, everyone is eager to find out if Solider Boy would actually kill Homelander. But before that, the community should brace themselves for ‘Herogasm,’ the controversial storyline from The Boys comic book series the show will adapt in Season 3, Episode 6.

The Boys – Official Season 3 REDBAND Teaser Trailer | Prime VideoThe Boys – Official Season 3 REDBAND Teaser Trailer | Prime Video
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Episode 6 of The Boys Season 3 is scheduled to release worldwide on Friday, June 24th, 2022, at 12 AM GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). As usual, the episode’s release date and time will vary depending on your region, and fans in some regions will get the episode on June 23rd, thanks to the time difference. Anyway, to avoid any confusion, here’s the exact release schedule of Episode 6 for different time zones:

  • Pacific Timing: 5 PM PDT (June 23rd)
  • Central Timing: 7 PM CDT (June 23rd)
  • Eastern Timing: 8 PM EDT (June 23rd)
  • British Timing: 1 AM BST (June 24th)
  • Indian Timing: 5:30 AM IST (June 24th)
  • Australian Timing: 10 AM AEST (June 24th)

Prime Video usually release preview for the upcoming episodes of The Boys; however, the promo for the Herogasm episode is slightly different. Apparently, most scenes from Season 3 Episode 6 aren’t suitable to appear on The Boys’ official Twitter page. So, the preview includes a warning regarding the episode’s theme. Along with that, the short video clip teases the return of Love Sausage, who, obviously, will take part in the massive Supe orgy. You might remember Love Sausage from Season 2 when he traumatized Mother’s Milk with his not-so-conventional superpower.

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