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From recent releases like Lightyear to upcoming projects like Strange World, Disney continues to introduce or refresh intriguing animated villains in every new film. Since the first Disney princess film in the 1930s, fans of these animated films have gotten the pleasure of getting to know the antagonists.

It’s hard to forget the villains that created fans’ favorite conflicts and threw a wrench in all of the good going on. These fan-favorite villains are known for being vile and merciless, but they all also have individual personalities that have inspired some hilarious memes.

Source: quickmeme

In the first Disney princess film released in 1938, the Evil Queen became one of the first vengeful queens in Disney to try to take down a beautiful, innocent princess. Jealous of Snow Whites’ beauty, the queen tried to have her murdered and then fed her a poisonous apple.

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This meme from quickmeme is a comical rendition of the queen’s evil plan, turning herself into a creepy old lady to trick Snow White. Though one of the oldest films of this nature, the plot continues to be one of the most impressive. This meme demonstrates the deceptive nature of the queen as she disguises herself as an old woman and feeds poison in the form of plump fruit.

Source: iFunny

In Peter Pan, Captain Hook is the villain who seeks revenge against Peter after the boy feeds his hand to a crocodile and then refused to leave Neverland.

This meme shared on iFunny is a funny scenario that depicts some realistic characteristics of the captain in the film. While he is a villain sworn to vengeance, he is also one of the most comical characters in the movie. Throughout the movie, Hook demonstrates his emotional nature and how it tends to get him into more trouble than his evil intent.

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Perhaps nothing is more beloved in this world than puppies. It’s Cruella’s intent to kill the dalmatians and use their pelts to make clothing that makes her one of the most despicable of all Disney villains.

This meme from imgflip captures Cruella De Vil’s personality perfectly. While it is clear she is a bit unhinged, it’s also clear that she is just a cruel person. One of the reasons why it seems she is bent on doing something so crazy is because she is obviously an extremely unhappy individual.

Source: DeviantArt

As one of the best animated Disney villains known by fans, Dr. Facilier is one of the most intimidating and scariest enemies in a princess movie. In The Princess and the Frog, Dr. Facilier is the voodoo master that turns the prince into a frog.

This meme from DeviantArt points out that though Dr. Facilier is a disturbed villain, his powers were not his own. He used a talisman to utilize dark forces and perform spells. This magical object played such a vital part in Dr. Facilier’s plans that once it was taken and destroyed, he was dragged off by the evil forces who he could no longer repay.

Source: Twitter

There are many reasons why villains plot in these films, but Jafar’s reasoning is one of pure greed. He wants to convince the Sultan to let him marry his daughter, Jasmine, so he can become the sultan himself.

This meme from Twitter depicts Jafar’s determination to take control of the kingdom through his marriage to Jasmine. While he has no interest in the princess romantically, marrying her is the most direct way to take over the country. Jafar’s personality in this film is his outrageous desire to rid himself of any obstacles between him and the thrown.

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In Disney’s rendition of Rapunzel, titled Tangled, Mother Gothel is the witch that steals away Rapunzel to keep herself eternally young.

This meme from Reddit depicts Mother Gothel revealing her true nature to Rapunzel once she realizes how evil her supposed mother is. When the king uses the flower Gothel was using to keep herself young to heal his ailing, pregnant queen, Gothel steals the child to use the magical abilities she now possesses. Mother Gothel is one of the most evil Disney villains, her personality revolving around greed and selfishness, using Rapunzel’s innocence to keep herself young and beautiful.

Source: Reddit

Hades is the keeper of the Underworld in Hercules, loathing the gods like Zeus because he has to live with the dead while they live on Mount Olympus. While Hades is clearly evil, he is also one of the Disney villains that would make an excellent friend.

This meme from Reddit depicts Hade’s temper but also how relatable he is. Hades is bent on controlling Mount Olympus, but he is also stressed out about his work, agitated when things don’t go his way, and constantly feels like an outcast.

Source: 9GAG

Maleficent is one of the scariest villains in Disney animated films, not only tricking the princess into a deep sleep but transforming into a fearsome dragon. When Maleficent isn’t invited to the princess’s christening, she is outraged and decided to curse the baby. While she is clearly the villain in this film, her motives are clear and she feels they’re justified.

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She was an outcast because she was considered evil by the other people and therefore she thought she’d live up to their expectations and act in the way they would expect. This meme from 9gag is a perfect representation of Maleficent’s vengeful personality, choosing to give them the villain they were asking for.

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Ursula is one of the most interesting and devious villains ever in Disney’s animated films. In hopes of eventually getting the trident of King Triton and taking control of Atlantis, she convinces Ariel to give Ursula her voice in exchange for human legs.

This meme from imgflip depicts Ursula’s conniving nature. She claims that the people she’s helped are happy, but it’s clear by the end of the film she only helps people for her own selfish desires. She doesn’t just steal Ariel’s voice but eventually uses the voice to trick Eric and ruin any plans Ariel has of getting him to fall in love with her.


In The Lion King, Scar is the brother of Mufasa, the leader of the pride. He is angered that his brother has a son, therefore taking away his chance of taking control of the pride one day.

While Scar is clearly evil and selfish, this meme from also depicts how sometimes he feels relatable to the audience. He uses hyenas as his army to take over the pride, but he has a hard time trying to get his point across and get them to understand what his plans are.

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