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Fans are raving about The Bob’s Burgers Movie that was released last month, and critics on RottenTomatoes have also given it high marks. Every addition to the quirky and hilarious world of the Belcher’s is welcome to buffs of Bob’s Burgers. With 12 seasons and a movie under its belt, the show has the potential to entertain viewers for many seasons to come.

Fans have been asking for a third season of Gravity Falls for the past five years, but it’s been to no avail. The show wrapped up perfectly with no plot holes or material for a future season, which left a legacy greater and more memorable than most Disney shows. Despite their differences in subject matter and animation style, Gravity Falls and Bob’s Burgers have significant characteristics and comparisons that make them iconic fan favorites.

Gayle and Lazy Susan serve their roles loyally as the random quirky characters in their respective shows. From Lazy Susan’s multiple voice messages saying “hello” to Stan from all her cats to Gayle pretending to have a sprained ankle for attention, these women live a life of unrelatable drama.

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The presence of both characters gives each show more personality, as the women trudge through life never following social norms or queues. With all their hilarious quirks and oddities, Gayle and Lazy Susan make the main characters seem more normal and relatable.

Mr. Frond and Toby are a pair of characters that don’t quite fit into society, affecting their self-confidence in varying ways. The men are passionate about things that others are not, like Frond’s knitting and Toby’s failing newspaper.

Not only are they both desperate for companionship, but Frond and Toby tend to insert themselves into the narrative of their shows to gain control or acceptance from other people. This is seen in Frond’s obsessive way of running Wagstaff and Toby’s probing interviews at the Mystery Shack.

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These angsty teen boys serve as additional plots of drama and some conflict in each show. Jimmy Jr.’s fickle sentiments toward Tina provide comedic relief and Tina with a way to improve her confidence. As the token love interest in Gravity Falls, and despite being the antagonist, Robbie brings out similar growth in Dipper and Wendy.

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Jimmy Jr. and Robbie both love music as Robbie is in a band and Jimmy Jr.’s passion is dance. The boys crave attention and the spotlight, but only on their terms. If Tina is too forward in her efforts to woo Jimmy Jr., or if Dipper challenged Robbie’s authority the boys are guaranteed to be moody.

Jimmy Pesto is a charismatic villain who is adored by everybody except for Bob, the main protagonist. Much like Jimmy, Lil Gideon is a prideful small business owner who would give anything in his world to get revenge on the Pines family. On many occasions, they manipulate people around them for power or personal gain.

Both characters have shown their true colors when they have cheated to get ahead in their careers and livelihoods. Lil Gideon owed everything profitable about himself to the second journal, while Jimmy would lie on Family Fracas to get under Bob’s skin.

Teddy and Old Man McGucket are mislabeled by their towns as annoying and overbearing. People view McGucket as a crazy old man with illusions of grandeur. Similarly, Teddy is portrayed as a little dull, but like McGucket he is an expert in his craft as a handyman.

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Both men have been through either divorce or family strain that left them feeling isolated. McGucket is desperate for friendship and attention as he showed when he built the decoy Gobblewonker to win his son’s approval. Having the same desire, Teddy fixed a boat to show off to his ex-wife in order to fend off his loneliness.

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Louise is the token troublemaker in Bob’s Burgers, easily finding distractions from work and concocting schemes to get ahead in life. Wendy is a cool, easy-going girl who would also do anything necessary to get out of work and have a good time. The girls are both portrayed as more mature and willing to break the rules if something is in it for them.

Wendy is loyal to Dipper by lying in the convenience store about how he defeated the ghosts to save his reputation. Similarly, Louise also values her relationships regardless of how badly she wants to make money or get power. This makes her one of the best characters in Bob’s Burgers.

Gene and Soos are two hilarious and endearing characters that are staples in their respective shows. They serve as comedic relief and even both dapple in music on a keyboard. Despite Soos and Gene’s portrayals as childish, they both have moments of genius that shine through.

The pair are often labeled as the ones to botch things, like when Soos kept getting in the way when he and Dipper were trying to hunt the Pterodactyl. With a similar heart of gold to Soos, Gene is a great friend and goes along with every Belcher kid scheme. Regardless of what others think about them, Gene and Soos are perfectly content with who they are.

Tina is in the awkward in-between teen stage where she is desperately trying to figure out who she is going to be. Dipper is experiencing the same struggles of his body changing and having dreams of a romance where the feelings are not reciprocated.

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The pair have the quirky capability of being super confident yet insecure about themselves at the same time. Both Dipper and Tina are extremely sensitive to other people’s opinions, especially their peers. This endears them to viewers as they fumble through life as the main characters in their own stories.

Linda and Mabel have the same zest for life that stands out above the rest of their family and friends. Mabel combats monsters in handmade sparkly outfits, which compares to Linda taking on challenges with her kids and the restaurant in a glittery costume whenever possible.

The two are super whimsical and believe in the power of dreams, magic, and love. As one of the most adored and funniest characters in Gravity Falls, Mabel serves as a peacemaker for her family. Likewise, Linda is a source of constant support and love for the Belcher clan.

Bob and Grunkle Stan are the beloved patriarchs of their families. Bob runs the restaurant with a somewhat grumpy persona with a soft spot for his kids’ crazy antics. Stan deals with a very similar dynamic as Dipper and Mabel are consistently getting into trouble and avoiding work.

As Bob struggles to keep his business afloat, he is constantly bullied by his arch-nemesis across the street. The Mystery Shack also has a rival, Lil Gideon, who takes away Stan’s profits at every convenience to himself. When it comes down to it, both men know that the happiness and security of their family are what truly matters.

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