Wednesday August 10, 2022

Martin Kaymer believes that the LIV Golf and PGA Tour, as well as other organizations, can solve these problems that currently rule the world of golf. The DP World Tour has decided to fine players at LIV Golf £ 100,000.

“The fine is a lot of money, this is one thing, but I would be happy paying it, but I love to play golf,” Kaymer told Sky Sports.
“That’s my job and what I love to do. They made the decision, is it right or wrong? I am happy to pay it, but I would love to play in Scotland, it’s one of the biggest tournaments on the European Tour.

“Unfortunately there are so many spots given to the PGA Tour that some of the guys that love to play in Scotland, especially Scottish players, are not getting in. I would love to play, I have won it before, but that’s the decision made and we need to live with it.

“I made my choice and I can live with anything that comes my way. I am happy to play golf anywhere in the world, I’m happy to support any tour because I believe in all the tours in different ways. “If it comes down to this that we are not allowed to play any tournaments then it is what it is.”


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He is furious that no solution can be found for these problems, and the biggest problem here will be with the players. “Because that has a lot to do with emotions not only with players, but the tour and sponsors.

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Hopefully, everybody can sit down at the table and find a solution that is good for everybody and not bad for everybody.
“What I have heard is there were offers on the table to sit down and talk about the future and make a plan together.

Who am I judge to what happened in those rooms? I just heard the ins and outs and things that were apparently being done and I find it very difficult to believe you can’t find a solution together and there is no reason why you should be against each other. “There is no tour that owns golf, we should be all working together for the big picture.”


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