Sunday August 14, 2022

In an Independent interview, former Wimbledon finalist Andrea Jaeger, who’s now a nun, has confessed that she was s*xually harassed at least 30 times by a female tennis official she met in her “very” early career.

“I had at least 30 incidents with one specific non-playing staff member, physical attempts all in the locker room very, very early in my career. […] That particular non-playing staff employee had a major issue keeping her hands to herself,” said Jaeger.

Moreover, the harassment put constant stress on Andrea’s life, even in the training rooms. “I avoided being in training rooms alone because an approach was made on me there as well,” said Jaeger.

The harassments continued

What’s more, when she was 16, Jaeger complained about another physical approach a person who was giving her a lift to her home from the WTA Championships party.

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“I went with her and her girlfriend in the car. When we got to my condo, she walked me to the door and tried something on with me. She was trying to kiss me. I was so sickened that I was crawling up the stairs inside trying not to throw up so my dad wouldn’t see me,” said Jaeger.

Jaeger tried to do something after the incident as she reached out to somebody from the WTA, as reported by the Independent. However, nothing was done to solve the problem as Andrea claims she was threatened every time she wanted to speak out.

“Every time I tried to stand up for myself, I was threatened with someone else getting harmed,” said Jaeger. In one of those cases, Jaeger remembers she was threatened that her sister’s scholarship at Stanford would be pulled, the Sun sources from the Independent interview.

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A reaction from WTA on the Andrea Jaeger case is expected as The Sun writes they were reached out.

Andrea Jaeger’s career highlights

Andrea Jaeger’s tennis career has seen her reaching both a French Open final and a Wimbledon one.

At both Grand Slams, Jaeger was denied by Martina Navratilova after defeating the likes of Chris Evert and, respectively, Billie Jean King. Besides this, she played semifinals at both the Australian Open and the US Open. Unfortunately, Jaeger’s career ended prematurely due to a shoulder injury that involved the rotator cuff.


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