Wednesday August 10, 2022

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Mike Finger @mikefinger
One way to convince skeptical Spurs fans about the wisdom of a Dejounte Murray trade would be to negotiate the terms with the New York Knicks. – 3:36 PM
Steve Popper @StevePopper
Brunson is already a fait accompli — and can confirm Knicks interest in Dejounte Murray — as reported by @Marc Stein last week and @Ian Begley today. Who wouldn’t be interested? Some execs think it’s a smoke screen. Murray has two years at $16m per left on his current deal. – 3:21 PM

Eric Koreen @ekoreen
It’s enjoyable that free agency hasn’t started and the Knicks have already lost free agency. (Mandatory note that Jalen Brunson is good.) – 1:50 PM
Dave Early @DavidEarly
If you knew you were losing Jalen Brunson, would you be interested in Tobias Harris or Matisse Thybulle? (If you got Harris, you’d have to offer multiple picks to get Bobi back though I figure.) – 1:35 PM
Bill Simmons @BillSimmons
If the Lakers offered Westbrook’s 47m expiring and a 2027 top-3 protected 1st for Randle, Fournier and Rose ($56m combined just in 2023), what would the Knicks say? – 10:30 AM
Aaron Rose @AaronBenRose
Would you, as the Raptors, offer Fred VanVleet the four year, $114 million extension he can receive this summer? (Sounds like Jalen Brunson is getting ~$110 million over four years) – 10:25 AM

Tommy Beer @TommyBeer
Sounds like the Knicks are offering Jalen Brunson $5+ million more annually than the Mavs and the chance to be NY’s starting PG and to play/live in the capital of the world – but the Knicks practice facility in Westchester, so it’ll be a very difficult decision for the kid… – 8:18 AM

Chris Sheridan @sheridanhoops
Regarding #Knicks, you have to wonder whether Jalen Brunson is their true No. 1 target. Could be a misdirection play by Leon Rose similar to what #Magic did to ESPN on draft day. Media manipulation part of the #NBA game now. – 6:10 AM

Nate Duncan @NateDuncanNBA
To me Jalen Brunson would have had more reps, as well as much better coaching and spacing, if he stayed in Dallas. With Randle and Barrett as 2 high usage lefties wanting to attack from the right side of the floor, plus below average spacing, he’d max his potential more in DAL – 11:40 PM

Mike Vorkunov @MikeVorkunov
Jalen Brunson would be the 14th-highest paid PG in the NBA next season if he gets the $110ish million @Chris Haynes reported. He’d start next season making roughly $25 million if contract has ascending salary. He’d be 12th-highest paid PG ($29 mil) if his contract is descending. – 11:11 PM

Scott Agness @ScottAgness
With all the talk of Jalen Brunson, it’s interesting to revisit the 2018 draft. He was a winner, the national POY; yet fell to the Mavs at 33.
Pacers took Aaron Holiday 10 spots earlier at 23. He could be a free agent, too, if PHX doesn’t tender a QO.…11:05 PM
Fred Katz @FredKatz
Knicks could structure the Jalen Brunson contract on a descending scale, as @TheCohencidence prophetically suggested recently, after this deal. A descending 4-year deal of around $110M could start slightly above $29M. Knicks are $29.4M below cap now without waiving Taj Gibson. – 11:04 PM
Tommy Beer @TommyBeer
This evening, Woj has used the following descriptors regarding the Knicks’ anticipated offer to Jalen Brunson once free agency starts:
“overwhelming offer”
“massive four-year offer”
“in the neighborhood of a max contract” – 11:00 PM

Adrian Wojnarowski @wojespn
ESPN story on New York trading Nerlens Noel and Alec Burks to Detroit, an unloading of salaries that allows for the Knicks to make a near-maximum contract offer to guard Jalen Brunson once free agency opens on Thursday: PM

Micah Adams @MicahAdams13
How good is Jalen Brunson?
Better yet…
If every NBA player became free agents and all 30 teams conducted a mock draft in which only the next 4 years mattered, where would Jalen Brunson be selected? – 10:25 PM
KC Johnson @KCJHoop
Jalen Brunson would match everything Tom Thibodeau values in players—-winner, toughness, durability, reliability. When you embody those attributes, Thibs has your back for life. (Derrick Rose, Taj Gibson, Joakim Noah, Jimmy Butler, Luol Deng . . .) – 10:22 PM

Michael Grange @michaelgrange
So if Jalen Brunson is going to get a 4 year deal starting at $30 million from the Knicks, I don’t see the Raptors having much negotiating room on a Fred VanVeet extension that can be as high as 3/$89m or 4/$114m. – 10:15 PM
Kevin Chouinard @KLChouinard
1. I like Jalen Brunson’s game a lot.
2. Jalen Brunson deserves all the money he can get.
3. I dislike how this situation + contract + team is going to raise the bar for him, possibly unfairly. – 10:14 PM
Ian Begley @IanBegley
Sources confirmed ESPN report that Alec Burks & Nerlens Noel will be traded to DET, which opens up roughly $30M in cap space (depending on nonguaranteed NYK salaries). This gives NYK enough room to make competitive offer to FA Jalen Brunson, whom they are favorites to land. – 10:09 PM
Mike Prada @MikePradaNBA
I wonder how the Knicks seem so sure that Jalen Brunson will want to come there. NBA rules clearly state that teams must wait until 6:01 p.m. on June 30 to entice, induce or persuade anybody who is under contract with another team in order to negotiate for their services. – 10:06 PM
Bobby Marks @BobbyMarks42
There has to be a price point for Dallas to walk away from Jalen Brunson.
Signing the guard to a $30M contract would have cost the Mavericks a total of $130M in salary/tax in one season for Brunson alone. – 10:05 PM
Ky Carlin @Ky_Carlin
I think the funniest thing would be if the Knicks did all of this just for Jalen Brunson to end up surprising everyone and re-signing with the Mavericks – 10:03 PM

Jeff Goodman @GoodmanHoops
I LOVE Jalen Brunson. He is all about winning and all the right things … but this is still so Leon Rose, Willie Wesley and the Knicks. – 10:02 PM

Brandon Rahbar @BrandonRahbar
When Sam Presti talks about not taking shortcuts or hitting the accelerate button on OKC’s rebuild to end up in a short term gain but hurt the long term future, he meant not giving up assets to give Jalen Brunson a max contract. – 9:55 PM
Adrian Wojnarowski @wojespn
The Knicks have cleared $30M in salary cap space to offer Dallas’ Jalen Brunson in the neighborhood of a max contract. The unloading of assets and contracts clearly shows the Knicks’ confidence that they can secure Brunson once free agency opens on Thursday. – 9:54 PM
Mike Vorkunov @MikeVorkunov
Knicks have almost wiped out their 2021 offseason. The assumption last summer when NYK made the moves they did was that it allowed them flexibility to offload those signings because of their contracts. Now they mostly have, with Evan Fournier and Derrick Rose the only ones left. – 9:53 PM
Josh Newman @Joshua_Newman
The Knicks. moving and shaking with free agency two days away.
I genuinely cannot wait to see this Jalen Brunson offer. – 9:53 PM
Kyle Ratke @Kyle_Ratke
“Clearing the way for cap space for Jalen Brunson” is something we’re gonna be like “Huh?” in 2 years from now. – 9:49 PM

Adrian Wojnarowski @wojespn
The Knicks are trading center Nerlens Noel and guard Alec Burks to the Pistons, sources tell ESPN. The Knicks will unload $19M more in salary, clearing the way for cap space to try and sign free agent guard Jalen Brunson. – 9:43 PM

Mike Vorkunov @MikeVorkunov
The most important takeaway from the Jalen Brunson news is that if the Knicks do sign him, they are 3/5 of the way to an all lefty lineup. – 8:40 PM

Mike Prada @MikePradaNBA
Truly CAAn’t believe Jalen Brunson is signing with the Knicks. They must believe he CAAn help them get to the next level. – 6:34 PM
Fred Katz @FredKatz
If Jalen Brunson ends up with the Knicks, it’ll be fascinating to see how he fits into an offense with two top scorers, Barrett and Randle, who are best inside the arc, as well as possibly a rim-diving 5. Brunson is so effective in part bc of his rinkydink moves inside the arc. – 6:26 PM

Dan Favale @danfavale
jalen brunson is really good and not an egregious overpay.
actual issue is the process by which the knicks get here—and that brunson is someone you prioritize when you already have The Guy, not when you don’t even have someone on your roster to be/grow into The Guy. – 5:40 PM

Tim Cato @tim_cato
i’ll add to the chorus: the Mavericks have had a belief for at least the past couple weeks, multiple sources tell me, that Jalen Brunson would sign with the Knicks. at this point, it’s seen as a certainty. – 5:22 PM
Trey Kerby @treykerby
If Jalen Brunson called his dad for Father’s Day, it’s gonna cost the Knicks a second round draft pick. – 5:00 PM
Dan Favale @danfavale
as punishment for tampering with jalen brunson before the start of free agency, the knicks will be allowed by the nba to continue their run of aimless self-sabotage, league sources say – 4:55 PM
Ian Begley @IanBegley
From earlier: A few Knicks notes, including NYK’s plans for Jericho Sims’ contract, TOR being among the teams interested in Nerlens Noel & opposing teams under impression NYK will be active beyond Jalen Brunson:…4:53 PM
Chris Mannix @SIChrisMannix
Part of the Knicks pitch to Jalen Brunson, I’m told, is the opportunity to be a full time point guard. In Dallas, Brunson can play with Luka. But Luka is the de facto point guard. In New York, Brunson would run the show. – 4:47 PM
Tim MacMahon @espn_macmahon
At this point, it’s widely anticipated that Jalen Brunson will go to the Knicks on a four-year deal in excess of $100M. It remains to be seen how New York will clear the rest of the necessary cap space and whether the Mavs can work a sign-and-trade to recoup assets. – 4:44 PM

Eric Pincus @EricPincus
The decision on Danilo Gallinari’s guarantee is tomorrow for the Hawks, but player/team can agree to push it back. Danilo has $5 mil guaranteed – the Hawks may need to guarantee more to match in trade (say it was Dejounte Murray, Gallo would need $11.6m* locked in) *ATL under tax – 4:04 PM
Chuck Cooperstein @coopmavs
I am completely blown away by the idea of the Spurs trading Dejounte Murray to tank for a potential 28 percent chance of landing either Wembanyama or Henderson. You don’t trade young All Stars. You build around them – 3:33 PM

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