Monday August 15, 2022

With the fourth episode of Ms. Marvel released on Disney Plus, Kamala has reached Pakistan, the place where her powers actually have their roots. Trying to join the puzzle that could lead her to solve the mystery related to the bangle, Kamala encounters a guy named Kareem, a.k.a, Red Dagger. Despite not having a pleasant first encounter, the two got each other’s back when Najma and her accomplices attacked Kamala to steal the mystical bangle. The strong bond between Kamala and the newly introduced character, Red Dagger, makes the fans wonder about his existence in the Marvel comics. Well, there’s a long history and a great future the two characters share.


Kareem, better known as Red Dagger, is a Pakistani resident whose family has long known Kamala’s family. While preparing for his university entrance exam, Kareem used to live with Kamala’s grandmother. He is known to save the people of Pakistan at night and is known as a masked hero, Red Dagger. But, as he wears a red scarf on his face, his true identity is unknown to most people. Some people also call him Laal Khanjeer, which translates to Red Dagger in English.

Unlike most superheroes who train under a veteran, Kareem learned martial arts and parkour all by himself. His prime weapon is daggers, which he wears under a belt. Kareem learned martial arts with the help of online videos, but he is skilled enough to take down some of the men when Najma and her abettors attack them.

In the future, Kareem goes abroad and ends up attending Kamala Khan’s school. Soon he realizes that he holds romantic feelings for her and confesses it to Kamala. But, she refuses to get into a relationship with him. Together with Kamala, Kareem goes on various adventures to save people and help others.

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Once, when they both are attending a class in school, the breaks of a nearby train fails. They showed up on time and averted the train from entering the shipping canal below it. But the problem gets bigger when a speeding train is running on the same track. Kamala uses her power to lift the train to the opposite track, while Red Dagger helps her get on the top of the train as the other train approaches with speed. Soon after the incident, Ms. Marvel devices to take a break from her superhero career.

After Ms. Marvel disappears, Kareem gets depressed to the point that he loses his sleep and appetite. But together with others, he continues to help people and fight a villain named Inventor. After getting into more trouble, they decide to call someone more experienced. None other than Captain Marvel picks up the call and helps the team fight the creatures invented by Inventor. But when nothing works, Ms. Marvel appears and saves everyone.


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