Wednesday August 10, 2022

“The only thing that I need to focus on is how I’m going to go on and about,” the ATP’s 21 ranked Grigor Dimitrov commented about his consistency on the tennis tour. Wimbledon is one of the grand slam titles that he hasn’t captured and for the Bulgarian, it won’t be this year.

It was 8 years ago he did go deep into the semifinals of Wimbledon. This year made his 8th meeting with opponent, Steve Johnson at the first round of the 2022 Wimbledon Championships. Grigor has won 5 of the meets and he was looking forward to this competition to increase his Wimbledon title chances.

But things evolved more different than he thought. The opening set was looking positive for Dimitrov as he won 6-4. But upon entering the second set, Johnson became more aggressive with great winning strategies that droe him to lead 5-2.

The Bulgarian began to serve and suddenly felt a discomfort in his leg. There was a medical timeout, but after a valiant try, the prognosis deemed best for Grigor to stop play. As the new season opened, Dimitrov had built up an improving regime of performances as he’d made it to the second round of the Australian Open, quarterfinal of the Delray Beach event and the semifinal of the Monte-Carlo Masters.

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he expected better results at the French Open but made it to the third round against Argentina’s Diego Schwartzman. Dimitrov has created a bit of history in his tennis career as the only Bulgarian player to reach a final in doubles in 2011 and reaching the fourth round at a major.

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Grigor has been on tour for 13 years and can asure all the good and not so good results of being a professional tennis player. In 2017 he won the ATP Finals so to bow with an injury is the norm for many players. Competition today has come in all directions and staying at the top of one’s game is indeed getting more difficult.

He has explained this to the tennismajors media. “The past slams I’ve had good results. Now, unfortunately, I just have to play very, very good players early on…” Dimitrov hasn’t gone deep into a final since the 2018 Rotterdam event and explains that progress or the lack of it can be frustrating at times.

He believes that he isn’t all out of gas to add another title to his resume sometime before he retires and is anxious about those prospects. Grigor relaizes that every little bit helps and the good feelings he had at playing the Queen’s Club in London was very significant and beneficial.

He was a junior there and later was given a wild card to participate. Every tournament is significant and it’s surely the position of the draw, how competitors feel mentally and physically as to what result will happen.

Events are surprising. They can be fun and beneficial but yet always unpredictable. Despite Grigor Dimitrov having to pull out of Wimbledon, the tour isn’t over yet and nether is he. He’ll take time to heal and re-group.

The Bulgarian has emphasized to the tennismajor media the significance of going on tour is that “You just never know which week hopefully will turn things around for you.”

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