Sunday August 7, 2022

Former World No. 5 Kevin Anderson has set big goals for the US Open as he aims to win his first Grand Slam title at Flushing Meadows at the age of 35. Anderson, now ranked at No. 75 in the world, made his first Grand Slam Final at the US Open in 2017, before losing easily in straight sets to Rafael Nadal.

“My goal is to win the tournament. That’s why I’m going there,” Anderson said, according to IOL. “I know on paper that I am unseeded, but fortunately the faith I have in myself is not represented in that.

It is a challenge, but one that I am willing to face”. The 40-year-old Roger Federer won the Australian Open in 2017 and Wimbledon in 2018. “There are only a couple of people older than me in the top 100. But even Roger [Federer] at my age won a couple of Grand Slams, and [Rafael] Nadal and [Novak] Djokovic are only a couple of years younger than me.

me. Most of my motivation comes from within, from what I am capable of achieving and how my body feels. As long as I have a chance, this is what I want to do. It’s been a challenge the last couple of years with the injuries and luckily things have been going better for me lately”.

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Anderson has suffered several injuries in recent years, but has refused to give up. “It’s a challenge to put those injuries out of your mind and it’s something you have to come to terms with. All I can do is deal with things I can control and know that some unexpected things will happen.

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King Federer is a global ambassador

During the interview, Roger Federer was asked to pick a profession he would have pursued if he had not become a tennis player. The Swiss maestro revealed that he would have loved to have been a DJ, describing in detail his love for music and for creating “good vibes.”

“I love music. I get up with it and go to bed with chill out sound,” the Swiss said. “At home, I’m the one who creates good vibes, in the apartment, at invitations, in the car, I want to tell the children who used to make good music (laughs).

Actually, I would have liked to be a DJ. One day I want to buy a DJ set for fun. I grew up during the techno era of the 90’s, also went to the street parade a couple of times which was on my birthday in the summer, awesome!” Federer is no longer simply a legendary tennis player but also a global ambassador due to his spotless image and larger-than-life persona.

“In private, I’m just me,” he said. “But when I put on my bandana before a match and check in the mirror whether the headband is in place, I somehow transform myself into Roger Federer. And when I watch tennis highlights on YouTube and a game of mine is shown, it feels very strange.”


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