Wednesday August 10, 2022

In fifteen months it will be Ryder Cup in Rome. Marco Simone will be played from 25 September to 1 October 2023 but already today there is a lot of anticipation and just as much desire to be there. By the way: Have you already bought Ryder Cup 2023 tickets? For those who have not yet done so, Federgolf makes it known with a note that it has “obtained to reserve a share of tickets in favor of FIG members – in advance from 5 to 8 July – to experience the thrill of the Europe-USA challenge”

In detail, these are three types of day tickets for the sectors “The Vista Grandstand”, “The Garden” and “The Vista Terrace”

Ryder Cup 2023 Tickets, Which Type

From the Ryder Cup site in Rome we find out which sectors it is, THE VISTA GRANDSTAND – “Overlooking the green of hole 12 and the tee of hole 13, within The Vista complex, this ticket offers flexible access to both grandstands, a guaranteed seat with privileged views, as well as access to the exclusive Vista Fanzone with maxi screens, entertainment and live music “

This ticket costs from 175 euros on Thursdays to 415 euros on Sundays. THE GARDEN – “Located in a privileged position near the fairway of hole 9 and the Fan Village, The Garden offers access to exclusive indoor and outdoor spaces.

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An ideal place to relax between game intervals or to follow the action on the big screens. ” The ticket varies from 245 euros on Thursday to 540 on the final day. THE VISTA TERRACE – “With a view of the green of hole 12 and the tee of hole 13 inside The Vista complex, the ticket offers access to the elegant terrace with a direct and exclusive view of the game action.

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It includes seating in the shaded lounge, access to the exclusive Vista Fanzone with large screens, entertainment and live music ” Tickets range from 395 euros on Ryder’s first day to 610 euros on Sunday.


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